Thursday, September 11, 2014

Are you missing Walking Dead? 5 free Books to get ready for season 5

I'm missing my Walking Dead series like crazy and with all these teasers and video interviews, and everything I am seeing on the internet it is making me just plain crazy. A girl can only watch the reruns so long before she begins to memorize the dialogue.


Anyhow, I started reading some books in the horror erotica genre to help broaden my horizons and get myself ready for Season 5. The new season begins October 12 at 9PM on AMC, but that's a long ways to wait if you are half as crazy about the Walking Dead as I am.

My Dead Sexy List of Ebook Freebies for your reading pleasure:

1. Macabre Delights by KT Grant
2. The End of Everything (New Adult) by Katie Ayres
3. Zombie Games (Origins) by Kristen Middleton
4. The Dead Road: Vol 1 by Robert Paine
5. Inked by Victoria Pecorino

Notice: These books may be free at the time of being listed, but prices are subject to change at any time. Please be sure to check the price before downloading.All ebooks are available on Amazon as ebooks, and you don't need a kindle to download it. You can read it from your computer, by setting up a free account.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Marked is out TODAY!!

Marked is available for download TODAY!! So if you pre-ordered a copy you can now read it and send a copy to your kindle for download.

If you didn't pre-order, it's not too late to pick up your copy. It's still 10% off for a limited time. This discount will end April 12 at midnight.


[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romance, M/M, demons, light consensual BDSM, spanking, HEA] 
Joshua Morrison stumbles across an entry into a secret world on a website review for an exclusively gay bar. One review promises a good time if he orders a Sex on the Beach, a drink which is really code for "I want to be your sex slave for the night." Joshua is in way over his head when he unknowingly promises a night of sex and submission to an incubus.
Tyler Draehomon isn’t happy to have this last just one night.
Destiny brought him a human, and he recognizes the man as his mate. He won’t be happy until he has claimed him fully and Joshua is bedded, branded, and mated so many times there is no doubt in the human’s mind that he belongs to a sex demon.
But with a vengeful would-be lover on the rampage and a stubborn human for a mate, nothing is as simple as it should be.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Marked is available for Pre-order Today!!

Marked is a very hot erotic romance I wrote for you all. It's now 10% off the cover price for a limited time and available for pre-order TODAY!

Check it out here:


Joshua Morrison stumbles across an entry into a secret world on a website review for an exclusively gay bar. One review promises a good time if he orders a Sex on the Beach, a drink which is really code for "I want to be your sex slave for the night." Joshua is in way over his head when he unknowingly promises a night of sex and submission to an incubus.
Tyler Draehomon isn’t happy to have this last just one night.
Destiny brought him a human, and he recognizes the man as his mate. He won’t be happy until he has claimed him fully and Joshua is bedded, branded, and mated so many times there is no doubt in the human’s mind that he belongs to a sex demon.
But with a vengeful would-be lover on the rampage and a stubborn human for a mate, nothing is as simple as it should be.
To read an excerpt or purchase your copy please visit the website here:

Get to know the Characters in my latest book, Marked (M/M)

The heat between the sheets on this m/m book is exceptionally hot and why not? When there is a sex demon involved everything gets fifty shades sexier.

So in my newest book there are quite a few exceptional characters:

*Joshua is a human male and he is one of the lead characters. He's gay and after moving to a new town and being accepted into the police academy he is looking for some hot action. He's young but he can hold his own, whether he is fighting or fucking. He has blond hair and smoky blue eyes that are to die for.

*Tyler is my anti-hero. He's so dark, it's hard to call him a hero, he is also known as Thai Luer Draehmon. He is a sex demon and he feeds off the sexual energy of his lovers. It sucks when it's a human because they usually die within a few days but finding his mate means he can keep his lover for a lifetime and get all the sex he craves.

*Now enters the villain, Lilith was one of the first succubus to walk the Earth. Her life mate was Adam, but when he married that homewrecker Eve she developed a hatred for all men, especially those who chose to spurn her. She wants Tyler in her bed, but with that human in the way, it's never going to happen.

*Chase is Tyler's father and also an incubus. Dark hair and green eyes.

*Pita is Tyler's mother and a succubus.

*Ryodan is the youngest of the four demon brothers and looks up to Tyler in hero worship. Another Incubus in the family.

*Sinna is another brother to Tyler. He's an Incubus of course. I have started a story with him, entitled Summoned.

*Caligula is the last brother to Tyler. Incubus. He's going to be the star of my book titled Kept. It starts with him in a prison, and he's not exactly happy about that.

*Cirque de Freak is a different class of demon. All the demons are related to the seven sins and his house is a lower class of demon, and the sin is Pride. His story is probably the one that will get finished next because the crazy man is talking to me.

*John is the brother to the human Joshua. He works at a police officer but wants to get into politics. He is married to a woman named Sarah.

*Sarah is John's wife and Joshua's sister in law and both are humans.

*Ruben is a new baby of John and Sarah and also a human as well.


I really hope you enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed writing it. It's now available for pre-order from Siren Bookstrand and is discounted 10%. It should be available for download April 6, 2014.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

It's Super Bowl Sunday! Who are you rooting for?

Pass the hotwings! It's that time of year again we either love or hate, Super Bowl Sunday.

It's always interesting to me to see who made the cut and is considered the best football team in country. An amazing amount of work, money, blood and sweat goes into a playing season and I can't say that luck doesn't play a big part in it as well. If a star player gets injured, that might mean losing the whole thing and I have to wonder if some of these injuries don't happen on purpose, by the opposing teams. Isn't there a conspiracy theory for everything?

Years ago, I worked retail and this was one of the slowest days of the entire year. The store emptied out. Everyone was at home or watching the game at their favorite hangouts. I even want to watch it, but my reasons may be different than yours. More than a few watch just to see the commercials, or the half time show, which usually is a show in itself.

Now we have a whole lot more choices with the puppy bowl on Animal planet television or the newer kitty bowl which is premiering on the Hallmark Channel.

Go kitties!!

Whatever way you end up spending it, enjoy your Sunday!

Looks like the official teams playing will be the Seattle Seahawks (hmm, maybe it's time to help them celebrate with my favorite coffee beverage) and the Denver Broncos. This ought to be a great game. I'm looking forward it and will be rooting for the Denver Broncos. No reason in particular, except I picture a cowboy riding a raging bronco every time I hear their mascot name.

Go Broncos!

That's a romance write for you.
Lots of love,
Missy Lyons

Friday, January 24, 2014

Laugh your way through the hairballs in life

Meankitty is doing these awesome and amazing mad lib style reviews on his website, and it is different than you have ever seen before. Check out this zombie themed review  on Missy Lyon's book Alien Promise, and see why he thinks this book is honestly ass busting zombie infected fun.

This is the best zombie themed review ever, with cat zombies, hunters, plenty of contagions, and no cure! **Rated worth infinite balls of yarn and a full tray of lasagna, which for a cat is pretty awesome.

Catch the whole Bad Libs review here, and get yourself a good laugh.

You can buy the book at Bookstrand, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

You can follow Meankitty's antics on Facebook HERE or go visit his website directly to learn about his typing slave Jody Wallace and her books or her life.

Authors if you want to request a review, please contact Meankitty's typing slave, Jody Wallace for more details.

Thank you for reading and Missy hoped you enjoy it.
Missy Lyons

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Welcome Guest Author Stacey Espino with her new release, Cowboys Mine

Hey Everyone! I want to give a great big welcome to my fellow author, Stacey Espino. She writes for several publishers, and this week she has a release through Evernight Publishing.

Me: Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself and your writing?

Stacey: I write mostly ménage, both paranormal and western. I like to focus on the characters and their emotional journey.

Me: I absolutely love cowboy stories and Cowboy Mine sounds absolutely delicious with all the sexual tension between the twin brothers Colton, and North, and their really good friend Eva. How did you ever come with such a great emotionally compelling story?

Stacey: These characters came to me and demanded to have their story told. I wanted to create a romance that was based on a solid friendship that turns to love when least expected. I love writing cowboy brothers in my ménages.

Me: What can we expect next from you? Can you tell us about your next writing project? Do we get to have more cowboys soon?

Stacey: I have several on the go. I am almost finished with book #2 in my Iron Spur Ranch series with Siren Publishing and I have a few other projects on the go keeping me very busy!

Thank you Stacy for coming out today to share your new release! And readers, if you have been hankering for a hot cowboy love story, then you need to check this book out!

COWBOYS MINE by Stacey Espino

Western Menage (MFM) Romance

Releasing January 22nd from Evernight Publishing


Eva Ford lives a sheltered life on her small rural farm. At twenty-two, she feels the need to spread her wings and start her own life, planning a trip to the city to show her prized cows. Colton and North McReed from the next ranch over are determined to make sure she stays out of trouble.
Twin brothers, Colton and North, have always loved little Eva. She's their rock in life, the one pure thing in their otherwise dark existence. Their abusive father ran out on the family years ago and their mother suffers from a serious addiction. They never look at Eva with desire...until they spend a week alone with her in the city.
Everything changes when Eva and the cowboys realize just how deep their love for each other runs. Once their passion is unleashed, it's impossible to contain. But can their unorthodox relationship last? Will sex ruin the friendship of a lifetime?


North was ready to brawl. In fact, he craved it like never before. Pain would be preferable to the ache in his heart. Somewhere along the line he began to see Eva as more than the sweet girl next door. Somewhere along the line he’d fallen in love.
What he didn’t understand was Colton’s sudden disinterest. Their feelings for Eva always mirrored each other’s. Half the time when he’d escape to the Ford house, Colton was already there. They’d come on the trip specifically to keep Eva out of trouble, but instead, his twin was turning a blind eye.
They ate dinner in silence. North watched the sky turn from blue to black, every darkening shade bringing his anxiety to a new level. She still wasn’t back. God knows what that cowboy was doing with little Eva. The thought of his filthy hands on her made his blood boil. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could sit still with his imagination running wild.
He was just about to bolt from his seat when the door to the trailer opened. Cool air flooded the interior and the sound of Eva clearing her throat made every live wire inside him suddenly lose power. He exhaled a nervous breath, glad she was at least home safely.
“Told you I’d be back in one piece,” she said as she hung up her cardigan. “There’s no need to go hunting me down. Seriously.”
She started to climb up into the loft.
“Where’s lover boy?” asked North, no humor in his tone.
“His name is Wade, and he just dropped me off, like a perfect gentleman.”
“That why he had his lips all over you?” asked Colton. His brother was just as unimpressed, even though he’d condoned the behavior.
“Hush you!” Eva slipped under the covers.
“You haven’t eaten,” said North.
“Wade bought me dinner.”
He ground his teeth together, stifling a growl. The sound of that man’s name on Eva’s lips made him see red. If he never heard the name again it would be too soon.
They secured the trailer and turned out the lights before joining Eva in the bed. He tossed his shirt and lay down on his back, staring up at the low ceiling. She was already comfortable, obviously not feeling the volatile energy keeping him awake. He kept as far to his side as possible, the cold wall of the trailer chilling his arm. Every time she shifted in the bed, he tensed.
“I’m cold,” she murmured, cuddling closer to him. The heat of her body scorched his bare skin. In a matter of days, everything changed for him. He wasn’t sure when it happened, but he wished he could go back to the way things were. Uncomplicated.
He tried to get away from her but he was trapped in the tight confines of the sleeping area. He held his breath as she ran her palm over his chest, over and over in small circles. Her touch had always been soothing—not so much anymore.
“What’s wrong with you?” she whispered against his neck. His eyes lolled back in his head. Even her fucking breath was sweet.
“Nothing. Go to sleep, Eva.”
“You’re acting weird, North. Is this because of Wade?”
He decided the cowboy was a safer topic than his changing feelings for her. “I don’t trust him.”
“Why not?”
“Just don’t is all.” He rolled to his side and away from her. It didn’t feel right going to sleep on a sour note, but he couldn’t have this discussion now. Mrs. Ford was the one to teach him and Colton not to speak out of passion. It was always best to confront a person with a level head, after cooling off and replaying the events over in your head. He usually didn’t take the advice, but tonight felt like a good time to start.
“Will you two quiet down,” said Colton.
Eva pressed her body against his back. Why had he taken off his shirt? He needed layers between them—many, many layers.
“I know what I’m doing,” she said in a whisper. “You don’t have to worry about me.”
“I’d worry less if you spent more time with Bessie and Ruby than that drifter.”
“He’s not a drifter.”
“Why you defending him?” he asked. “You act like you’re already an item.”
She kissed his shoulder. “I just want you to be happy for me, North.”
“It doesn’t matter what I think.”
“It does. You’re the one who taught me how to rope a calf, and even though it took me weeks to learn, you never got impatient. You protected me when Jameson’s dogs got loose.” She ran her hand delicately down his arm, her fingers lingering over the raised scars on his forearm. “You bought me a corsage when no boy asked me to prom. Remember when the three of us danced in the rain that night? My dress was covered in mud.”
“I remember.”
“Well those are just examples of why I love you so much. It doesn’t feel right doing anything without your blessing.”
He wasn’t sure he could ever give her what she wanted.


Stacey hopes you enjoyed that sexy excerpt. To read more please buy your copy at Evernight Publishing.

For more information about Stacey Espino books or her sexy alter ego Winona Wilder, please visit her website. Feel free to contact her on her website or leave comments, or questions about her writing.


Stacey has very generously offered to do a giveaway on here, and give away a book from her backlist which you can view on her website. 

Just answer the following question and leave a comment. One person with the correct answer will be randomly chosen and asked to email one of us by the end of the day.

How did Eva spend her prom night?

Monday, January 20, 2014

Are you successful?

I got into a debate recently about what being successful means, and it is hard to define success as a self employed person, especially as an artist and a writer. Sometimes people are doing this not for the money but for the fame, or the attention. I know authors who are writing to get reviews or feedback. Others are writing purely out of fancy and to entertain themselves. Some people have spent twenty years of writing and are sitting on all of it on their hard drive. They feel successful because they finished the book. They don't need to go any further to feel happy.

I know screenwriters who won't see themselves as successful until they see at least one of their films on a movie screen. It doesn't matter that their screenplays have sold or been optioned until they have been produced.

Some people don't think they can be successful until they have a certain level of degree as if to prove they are smarter than anyone else.

Some writers won't think they made it until they see their books in print. Some people need to make it to the New York Times bestseller list. Some people have to have an agent to separate themselves from the rest of the writers who don't have one.

Our views of success are all very different, but we do need to be honest with ourselves about what these levels of success are and what they mean to us.

I've developed some very broad ideas and try to respect everyone else's dreams. I have an education, and while I respect those people with highly titled educations I don't look at them as smarter than me or better than me or anyone else in any way. Do you want to know know why? Weird as it seems, I have known people who couldn't read, people who didn't finish a 6th grade education and they not only managed to get by in life but sometimes thrive. Sometimes it is a barrier, and sometimes it shows up in their work ethic or abilities, but this is not always the case. I don't judge a person by their education or lack of it. It's really what's inside that matters. 

My great grandmother lived to be 103 and she dropped out of school during the great depression when she was twelve to begin working to support her family. She never did finish any more schooling, but she always read, and sought to learn more. This woman who didn't have any real degrees, went on to become a nurse by trade and vocation through the military and learned on the job how to deal with the injured men in a war. She was one of the smartest, kindest, most respectful loving women I have ever known but she didn't let the lack of an education stop her from living out her dreams or make her feel like any less of a woman. 

Establishing goals and benchmarks isn't a bad thing. It does make us feel a moderate level of success and like we have finished something. We've reached a goal, but the problem of being a writer, self employed and writing 10-20 full length books over the period of ten odd years with much larger goals, and hoping one day to make it to New York, is another thing altogether. If you didn't sell at the end of that period, does that make you feel like a failure? Does it make you feel like you didn't succeed? New York has a very narrow sense of what they want. Instead of accepting good books, a lot of the publishers want very specific books to match a book line or brand. If your book doesn't match their formula exactly it may get hit with a rejection letter automatically. That makes it a lot harder to really make it.

That also doesn't go to say that this author didn't work as hard as everyone else, or the erotic romance author who may have put out 100 books which were shorter (some maybe as short as 5000 words) in the same time frame.

Am I here to judge you or say you aren't successful because you chose one path over the other?

No. Not me. It's your choice. What defines success in your mind is completely different than my version of success. We're all the same. We're all on the road to success, trying to make in this tough world, and the directions may be different for every one of us to reach our destinations, and your mileage may vary.

At this point in my career, money is an important part of feeling successful for me. It is possible to work your ass off putting in regular writing days and not reach a level of success other people see. There are always going to be a certain number of authors which are more amenable, likeable, and put out more books than anyone else, like it's not impossible to put out a book a month. For the one author who can say they make $100k a year there are thousands who get royalties of $5 a month. People buy their books because they announce their sales stats and show their numbers. They are curious to see why they are successful.

I think writing is hard work, you can't write a 200k word book and expect to see the return on your time like if you were to put out several titles at 40,000 words  a piece. One book gets lost in the sales ranks and I know a lot of people say I wrote a book, now I want to self publish it. I can make a ton of money even though it was rejected a 100 times. They are equally disappointed when that book slips into the million sales ranks and doesn't ever get any traction. Is it a failure because it didn't sell 5000 copies in a week? Is it a failure because you couldn't give it away? Is it a failure when you are comparing it to a huge name in the self publishing industry. Don't do that to yourself. Publishing really is a marathon, not a sprint. Don't expect to be an overnight success. That happens to about 1:1,000,000 of us. It's kind of like winning the lotto. You increase your chances by the more books you write.

We do things looking for success, hoping to be different, but we copy what we see other people doing and hoping it will work for us. It doesn't always work well just because it did for someone else.

My version of success, includes my family, but I am kind of happy where I am at, a crossbreed between Small Publishers, Indie publishing, and self publishing. This allows me to to learn things, and see things from all the aspects of life. I can see sales numbers as they happen at places like Siren Publishing and that is awesome, because I can see what works and what doesn't--what sells and what readers want to read.

I am self-employed.

This means I am responsible for myself. This is both freeing and scary as anything I see in creature feature horror flick. I have to clock in and begin work and act as if this is a 9-5 job even though I could sit at home in my pajamas and eat bon bons from the couch while watching the latest season of Dr. Who all day. I still have other jobs I am responsible for, and have to be a mom, and wife. I have household chores and lots of appointments to keep. I have to write when I am sick. I have to write when I am grieving and someone in my family may have recently died but I could be on a contract and a deadline.I have to write when my wrists and eyes hurt from staring at a computer for so long. I have to know when and how to stop working at home to keep my home life and relationships from falling apart. It's tough work and I won't get paid unless I put in the hours and keep my butt in the chair and actually write sellable, marketable stories.

I wouldn't call myself wildly successful, but that's also because I am equating success with sales and numbers at this point in my career. What does that really mean? I need to keep working on my craft and write better and more books and I am going to my best to have respect for the author who has been at it as long as I have but doesn't have the name recognition because they have been writing for New York or they only see success at making a certain level. We are all part of the same world and all working towards our very different goals.

The first step in feeling successful is to write a list. What is success to you in your industry? What level do you want to reach? What kind of goals to you want to see happen over the next year? Over the next 5 years? Over the next ten years? You should list personal goals, career goals, and spiritual goals. They all interconnect with who we are and who we seek to become.

Then the more difficult step is breaking it down into things you can control. What steps do you need to take to reach that level of success? If you need to pitch a book by a certain deadline, how long does it give you to write it? You can break the larger goal into smaller doable steps that you can control. You may not be able to control a lot of things in this business, the sales, the editor saying yes or no, the reading public rejecting or accepting the book, but you can control some details. You can control how many words you put out a day, or what type of writing you do. You can control your work environment most the time. You may not be able to get a degree this year, but if you start by going back to school and taking one class, that's one less class you need for the degree later. If you don't start now, it will never get done. I would focus on the things you can change first and move towards the things you can't, second. Learn how to pitch, how to sell yourself, and your ideas and even if you get a no the first time, it will get easier and you will get better and people will remember you. Usually, it all ends up working out if you just keep at it.

Write this list down, make it a visual thing you look at every day and try to do something to work towards it every day. Eventually you should make some headway and this will help your dreams come true. Over time, you will become successful. These are techniques successful people in the business world use to achieve a level of success and actually achieve more goals.

"All glory comes from daring to begin." ~ Eugene F. Ware

Congratulations to my most recent winner

I just wanted to announce it here first, Shannon Vasquez won my January contest and is the grand prize winner of the tee-shirt, gift card, and digital book of her choice.

Thank you all for entering and if you didn't win, try again next month.

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January Giveaway

Do you know what this year is? It's the year of the reader! That's right. This year is going to be better and bigger than ever because I want to give back to you guys. You are the ones that have made me successful and really make me keep writing everyday. You rock!

You inspire me to write and keep me going.

It's been a while since I had a new release, my last one being Cowboys Don't Sing from Siren Bookstrand.
Now it's available everywhere, even Amazon. and it's time I work on another book. 

Life has just been handing out crazy stuff my way, so I stopped writing until I heard a few people ask when is this next book coming out? I just read this story and I can't wait to read the next one. Yeah, I have a long list I need to work on before my readers kill me, but occasionally I have to listen to the loudest voices in my head first. Which right now happens to be a Liger shifter. He's been annoying me for a while. So I began writing the shifter story I always wanted to. I love big cats, lions, tigers, and all the other exotic beautiful cats, but there is one kind that is especially near and dear to my heart, the king of all cats--the lions. I have been working on a Liger and Lioness shifter story for the last couple of months and in honor of that, I want to do a giveaway. I can't say when or if it will be out anytime soon yet, but I will let you know as soon as I find out.

You can enter by leaving me a comment and just telling me about your favorite books, whether they are mine or someone else's and tell me what you loved most about it. Don't forget to leave your name and a way to contact you.

Legal Disclaimer: No entries under 18. Not eligible in states where this may be illegal. No purchase necessary. Winner will be announced January 20, 2014. I reserve the right to award the prize to someone else if I can't get in touch with the winner. I reserve the right to substitute prizes if for some unforeseen circumstance I need to (Hey! Emergencies happen!), with something of equal or comparable value. Lost or damaged prizes will not be replaced. Winners from the previous month are not eligible to win two months in a row.

One winner will be randomly chosen on January 15th. The prize will be an Amazon gift card in the amount of $10, this awesome lion tee-shirt (shown below) and an electronic copy from a choice of my books on my backlist.

I promise not to play favorites but you can always earn brownie points with me
*by leaving reviews for my books anywhere like Siren Bookstrand, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, Amazon etc...
*liking my Facebook Fan page and then clicking follow
*Joining my newsletter yahoo group
*Following me on Twitter @missylyons
*sharing a link to this contest on your facebook page, retweeting, or just generally sharing it with your friends.
*Sharing my books with your friends on your pages
*liking my author page here at Amazon

If you do any of these things, just email me the link (lyons_missyyahoo com) and in return I will give you a copy of Cowboys Don't Dance, the first book in the Riding Western Style series. Thank you very much. There is no bigger compliment to an author letting me know you loved my books enough to share them with other people. 

Also, if you don't win, it's okay. Subscribe to my blog. I am going to plan these giveaways more often this year whether I am busy or not around the 15th of the month. So check back often!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my readers, friends and family!

I hope your stockings are full of the things that really matter in life, peace, joy and happiness.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Giveaway for December

I wanted to do something fun. It's cold and dreary outside.

It's that time of year, where we set goals and try to plan ahead for the next year. I am asking myself what went well and what didn't and what can I do better next year? It's something I always look at seriously at this time of year.

Writing regularly hasn't been my strong point. It seems I am good at one thing at a time. Good at being a mom, or good at real estate, or good at my dayjob, but not all of them at one time. *laughs

I want to put most of my focus back on writing. It's something I enjoy doing, and it helps me to escape my world, but more than that I really appreciate the readers I've gotten over the years. I know what it's like to spend hours in the waiting room while someone you love is having a procedure done and doing everything you can to distract yourself. I use books. Other people may have other methods, but I need the stories to help me feel better about my own life and it's why I love it when characters come to me and demand to be written.

So this year I am going to try to be better at writing this stuff down. Writing regularly means setting aside time for me and asking for respect from family members about this time. 2 hours isn't a lot but it's enough to accomplish a lot IF I actually write. That's enough time to get a small scene done.

What are you planning to do differently this next year? Have you thought about your goals? Are you going to try to live a healthier happier life? What are you going to do differently--or the same? Comment here and you will be entered in my giveaway.

I will randomly pick a person to receive an ebook copy of  my last m/f/m Western, Cowboys Don't Sing and this simple but elegant costume jewelry bracelet in the mail. Prizes to be awarded January 1. If I am unable to reach the entrant, prizes will be awarded to another person. Over 18 only please. Giveaway ends December 31, 2013.

My legal disclaimer: No purchase necessary and void in the territories it may be illegal in.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

We need your help!

Cherie and me have been working on getting a book free for you our valued readers by the holidays, but one of the distributors has been difficult to get to change the price. Unfortunately, the only way to go free at Amazon is to get readers to point out the price is cheaper on other markets so Cherie and I need your help!

If you could visit the Amazon website, and then report a lower price I would really appreciate it. The report a lower price link is about midway down the page and in bold font.

This is the Amazon link:

You can report any other distributor as a lower price including Kobo:

Diesel Ebooks:

All Romance Ebooks:



Barnes and Noble:

Thank you for your help in advance! :)

Happy Holidays to everyone. You are the reason we keep writing. We hope you enjoy your free copy of Sex on the Beach and while you are there please remember to leave a review. Your opinion counts and you should be heard. It can make the difference of another person trying the book or not. We love our readers and all you have done for us. So we hope you enjoy this freebie. Happy Holidays!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Small Town Secrets

This blog was first posted on the After Dark blog July 12, 2013.

Hi Beverly,

I blogged about small town secrets and tried to tie in my books which take place in a very small town in Texas. 

This is the blog and I hope it works for you.

I thought I'd talk about small town secrets today since my latest book is part of an ongoing series which takes place in a small town. I've lived in both big and small cities, and there are benefits to both. I loved being in the city and going to the concerts, living by the beach, and in the mountains, and enjoyed the local nightlife at every opportunity. Small towns shut down as soon as the sun goes down, except maybe one bar where the locals hang out. It's a completely different experience to see a McDonalds that never shuts down to having to drive an hour to the nearest chain restaurant. 

My Riding Western series is based on life in the small town of Sunnybrook. It's a place that is completely fictional, but filled with sexy cowboys and smack dab in the middle of Texas. I love small town living in some ways. I walk by my neighbors homes and they are outside on their front porches in their rocking chairs. We talk more, we smile more, and we laugh often but there can also be some downsides.

One of them, is everybody knows your business. There is no keeping secrets in a small town. Everybody knows who everyone else is sleeping with, and all the dirty laundry goes through the gossip circles. It's a fact of life. So, I either learned to live with it or fight it when I felt I had to. Most the time problems just sort of worked themselves out.  

When I was pregnant, everyone knew before I told them and they knew when I delivered that baby. Some folks showed up on our doorstep with dinner so we didn't have to cook the day I got out of the hospital. I really believe most people have a good heart. I din't take it personal that everyone knew my business or get offended. It's just the way things were. News travels fast. When I lost my second baby in a miscarriage that same network managed to spread the word so I didn't have to explain to everyone.I got a hug everywhere I went for weeks. In some ways, it was nice not to have to explain what happened over and over. 

It worked well, when my grandparents had to slaughter one of their cows in their herd and only had one freezer. They had so much meat that they paid the butcher in steak and still had enough to share with the folks who showed up. My family ate good that year and I actually got tired of eating meat. 

It's hard to keep secrets and sometimes I don't want to. We bought our home at an auction and normally I don't interact much with the previous owners. I talk through our Realtors or mediators. However in this case,  the grandkids asked permission to come back to the property and get some plants they planted. I didn't mind at all. I enjoyed getting to know the families that lived in our home before we moved in. I enjoyed learning about the history of their family and what happened to the people before me. 

It made me feel like I was instantly part of the community and an extended family member. 

Sunnybrook is just like that. Nobody carries any vicious intent towards anyone else. The people are welcoming and accepting of everyone, which really surprised Derek, the main character in Heart of a Cowboy. He was used to fighting for everything in life, even a spot to sleep at night. He stole a man's wallet and never expected the guy to bail him out of jail or give him a job, but Jesse isn't a man to hold a grudge.

The older people want to see the younger generation happy and eventually married, with kids of their own. There is no gossip circle that ends without plotting the end of someone's life of bachelorhood. Millie is part of that circle and she didn't stop matchmaking when her son, Jesse got married to Angela. She has one grandbaby on the way and she thinks the whole world would be happier if they found their lifemate. They don't believe in divorce but when it happens, the people support their friends and stick by their family.

In Cowboys Don't Sing, the main characters had to keep the biggest secret of all. I was faced with a question, How do you hide a famous person in plain sight? If someone's face has been seen all over the world, even the people inside of the smallest town would recognize her. Esteban and Roland didn't want to agree to keep Loretta Brooks at their ranch, but there was really no where else for her to go. She couldn't hide for long, and when the town found out, they didn't blast her secret to the media like she expected. They did the one thing she needed, and that was to accept and protect her from the rest of the world. Loretta might have been an outsider at first, but she was family once she decided to stay. 

Secrets are hard to keep, but especially in a small town, and I wouldn't live anywhere else. 

Welcome to Sunnybrook. 

Riding Western Style
Book 2: Heart of a Cowboy (M/M/M)
Book 3: Cowboys Don't Sing (M/F/M)
Book 4: **Coming soon Winter of 2014

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Thanks for having me out today. I enjoyed being able to share my experiences of living in a small town and all about my books.

Lots of Love,
Missy Lyons

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fun!! Cowboys Don't Sing word search

Okay, this may sound crazy and I know it's slightly different but I wanted to do something a little fun for the excerpt booklets I am working on. So I thought I would create a word search for the back of it. This may be fun for you now, but you may have to print it out to actually use it. See how many words you can find. :)

If anyone has trouble viewing the entire word search you can email me and I will give you a copy of it online. Here's a copy of it. I hope you enjoy word searches. :)

P A B T O R W Q A R B A C K ? N D E
Cowboys Don't Sing Word Search
Cowboys Don’t Sing
Western Romance
Riding Western Style
Saddle Up
Got Cowboys?
Pony Play
Trail Ride
Easy Ride
Music Singer
Two Are Better
Hot Love
Under age

**Cowboys Don't Sing is book 3 in the Riding Western Style series and is available now from Siren Bookstrand.

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Last Chance to get the Sale Price of Cowboys Don't Sing

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to remind everyone that today is the last day you can get the 15% off discount on Cowboys Don't Sing. If you have not gotten your copy and you still want to buy it you're going to want to pick up your copy today!


Riding Western Style 3

The talented country music singer Loretta Brooks is going through a scandalous divorce, and the media are eating up every dirty detail. All she wants is an escape from the reporters camping on her lawn and a vacation from her life. That and maybe to be able to forget her ex and feel loved in the arms of a real cowboy or two.
Two sexier than life cowboys come to her rescue and whisk her away to their working cattle ranch. Roland and Esteban Carter don’t try to impress Loretta with lies or songs. They are determined to give the space and time she needs to heal, but when she comes on to them they realize this may be the one woman they can love and share their hearts with. She is a perfect fit in their arms and in their home.
None of the young lovers expect the outside world to understand or respect their newfound love, and the secret passion is like a ticking time bomb. How long can it last before the world tears their happy threesome apart?
Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.
Genre: BDSM, Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Western/Cowboys
Length: 92,361 words

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Release Day for COWBOYS DON'T SING

Today is release day for Cowboy's Don't Sing. It is the third book in my Riding Western Style series. All the books in the series take place in the little fictional Texas town of Sunnybrook, TX.

The talented country music singer Loretta Brooks is going through a scandalous divorce, and the media are eating up every dirty detail. All she wants is an escape from the reporters camping on her lawn and a vacation from her life. That and maybe to be able to forget her ex and feel loved in the arms of a real cowboy or two.
Two sexier than life cowboys come to her rescue and whisk her away to their working cattle ranch. Roland and Esteban Carter don’t try to impress Loretta with lies or songs. They are determined to give the space and time she needs to heal, but when she comes on to them they realize this may be the one woman they can love and share their hearts with. She is a perfect fit in their arms and in their home.
None of the young lovers expect the outside world to understand or respect their newfound love, and the secret passion is like a ticking time bomb. How long can it last before the world tears their happy threesome apart?
Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.
Genre: BDSM, Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Western/Cowboys

Length: 92,361 words

Check out all the books in the Riding Western Style Series:

Book 2: HEART OF A COWBOY (m/m/m)
Book 3: COWBOYS DON'T SING (m/f/m)

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