Wednesday, January 01, 2014

January Giveaway

Do you know what this year is? It's the year of the reader! That's right. This year is going to be better and bigger than ever because I want to give back to you guys. You are the ones that have made me successful and really make me keep writing everyday. You rock!

You inspire me to write and keep me going.

It's been a while since I had a new release, my last one being Cowboys Don't Sing from Siren Bookstrand.
Now it's available everywhere, even Amazon. and it's time I work on another book. 

Life has just been handing out crazy stuff my way, so I stopped writing until I heard a few people ask when is this next book coming out? I just read this story and I can't wait to read the next one. Yeah, I have a long list I need to work on before my readers kill me, but occasionally I have to listen to the loudest voices in my head first. Which right now happens to be a Liger shifter. He's been annoying me for a while. So I began writing the shifter story I always wanted to. I love big cats, lions, tigers, and all the other exotic beautiful cats, but there is one kind that is especially near and dear to my heart, the king of all cats--the lions. I have been working on a Liger and Lioness shifter story for the last couple of months and in honor of that, I want to do a giveaway. I can't say when or if it will be out anytime soon yet, but I will let you know as soon as I find out.

You can enter by leaving me a comment and just telling me about your favorite books, whether they are mine or someone else's and tell me what you loved most about it. Don't forget to leave your name and a way to contact you.

Legal Disclaimer: No entries under 18. Not eligible in states where this may be illegal. No purchase necessary. Winner will be announced January 20, 2014. I reserve the right to award the prize to someone else if I can't get in touch with the winner. I reserve the right to substitute prizes if for some unforeseen circumstance I need to (Hey! Emergencies happen!), with something of equal or comparable value. Lost or damaged prizes will not be replaced. Winners from the previous month are not eligible to win two months in a row.

One winner will be randomly chosen on January 15th. The prize will be an Amazon gift card in the amount of $10, this awesome lion tee-shirt (shown below) and an electronic copy from a choice of my books on my backlist.

I promise not to play favorites but you can always earn brownie points with me
*by leaving reviews for my books anywhere like Siren Bookstrand, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, Amazon etc...
*liking my Facebook Fan page and then clicking follow
*Joining my newsletter yahoo group
*Following me on Twitter @missylyons
*sharing a link to this contest on your facebook page, retweeting, or just generally sharing it with your friends.
*Sharing my books with your friends on your pages
*liking my author page here at Amazon

If you do any of these things, just email me the link (lyons_missyyahoo com) and in return I will give you a copy of Cowboys Don't Dance, the first book in the Riding Western Style series. Thank you very much. There is no bigger compliment to an author letting me know you loved my books enough to share them with other people. 

Also, if you don't win, it's okay. Subscribe to my blog. I am going to plan these giveaways more often this year whether I am busy or not around the 15th of the month. So check back often!


Shannon Vasquez said...

I am a devourer of books. It is so hard to pinpoint favorites because my collection is so extensive, but it's easier to choose when I've read tons from a particular author. Sandra Hill's "Cajun" series is one of my favorites because of the consistency (or inconsistency) of Tante Lulu, and nobody does humor quite like her. Laurann Dohner is another favorite, especially the New Species series. I love that the NS have such a variety of characters, and that they really stand out. Often times, having that many characters in a book can be confusing but the author does a great job of making them all memorable. Don't even get me started on classic literature. Hehehe

Missy Lyons said...

Thank you Shannon! I am familiar with Laurann Dohner's New Species series and reading it now, but I will be adding Mrs. Hill's books to my TBR list now. :) I appreciate your opinion and you win this month's prize. I will try to contact you through FB or you can email me.

Shannon Vasquez said...

Thank you! Some days I think I breathe books! :)