Friday, March 28, 2014

Get to know the Characters in my latest book, Marked (M/M)

The heat between the sheets on this m/m book is exceptionally hot and why not? When there is a sex demon involved everything gets fifty shades sexier.

So in my newest book there are quite a few exceptional characters:

*Joshua is a human male and he is one of the lead characters. He's gay and after moving to a new town and being accepted into the police academy he is looking for some hot action. He's young but he can hold his own, whether he is fighting or fucking. He has blond hair and smoky blue eyes that are to die for.

*Tyler is my anti-hero. He's so dark, it's hard to call him a hero, he is also known as Thai Luer Draehmon. He is a sex demon and he feeds off the sexual energy of his lovers. It sucks when it's a human because they usually die within a few days but finding his mate means he can keep his lover for a lifetime and get all the sex he craves.

*Now enters the villain, Lilith was one of the first succubus to walk the Earth. Her life mate was Adam, but when he married that homewrecker Eve she developed a hatred for all men, especially those who chose to spurn her. She wants Tyler in her bed, but with that human in the way, it's never going to happen.

*Chase is Tyler's father and also an incubus. Dark hair and green eyes.

*Pita is Tyler's mother and a succubus.

*Ryodan is the youngest of the four demon brothers and looks up to Tyler in hero worship. Another Incubus in the family.

*Sinna is another brother to Tyler. He's an Incubus of course. I have started a story with him, entitled Summoned.

*Caligula is the last brother to Tyler. Incubus. He's going to be the star of my book titled Kept. It starts with him in a prison, and he's not exactly happy about that.

*Cirque de Freak is a different class of demon. All the demons are related to the seven sins and his house is a lower class of demon, and the sin is Pride. His story is probably the one that will get finished next because the crazy man is talking to me.

*John is the brother to the human Joshua. He works at a police officer but wants to get into politics. He is married to a woman named Sarah.

*Sarah is John's wife and Joshua's sister in law and both are humans.

*Ruben is a new baby of John and Sarah and also a human as well.


I really hope you enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed writing it. It's now available for pre-order from Siren Bookstrand and is discounted 10%. It should be available for download April 6, 2014.

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