Thursday, September 11, 2014

Are you missing Walking Dead? 5 free Books to get ready for season 5

I'm missing my Walking Dead series like crazy and with all these teasers and video interviews, and everything I am seeing on the internet it is making me just plain crazy. A girl can only watch the reruns so long before she begins to memorize the dialogue.


Anyhow, I started reading some books in the horror erotica genre to help broaden my horizons and get myself ready for Season 5. The new season begins October 12 at 9PM on AMC, but that's a long ways to wait if you are half as crazy about the Walking Dead as I am.

My Dead Sexy List of Ebook Freebies for your reading pleasure:

1. Macabre Delights by KT Grant
2. The End of Everything (New Adult) by Katie Ayres
3. Zombie Games (Origins) by Kristen Middleton
4. The Dead Road: Vol 1 by Robert Paine
5. Inked by Victoria Pecorino

Notice: These books may be free at the time of being listed, but prices are subject to change at any time. Please be sure to check the price before downloading.All ebooks are available on Amazon as ebooks, and you don't need a kindle to download it. You can read it from your computer, by setting up a free account.

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