Monday, June 03, 2013

The next book in line

Okay I spent all day yesterday working on a plot for my new book, Cowboys Don't Play. So I think it's safe to say that it's the next book in line to be written by me. It will become book 4 in the Riding Western Style book series and will also be a m/f/m menage.

I have to give a shout out to Melody Snow Monroe for helping me. I think I am going to borrow her color coding system to help me make sure I achieve enough emotional conflict and development in the story. This book will also be highly sexual. At least a third I hope will be sexual development and fulfillment. Yeah! I'm back baby. Full steam ahead...

So here's the loosely worded blurb I am working with. Things may change and I may end up re-working the blurb or the story, but this is it so far.


Ten years ago, Stella walked out of Trace and Taylor’s life and neither man would blame her if she never came back, but they always wondered what could have happened if they took up her offer the night before she left. If they shared a night of lovemaking so many years ago as teenagers would she have stayed with two country boys like them?

Fast forward to today and the woman that has been haunting their dreams is standing in front of Trace and Taylor, in the flesh. She needs a place to stay and the entire town of SunnyBrook is booked up and the only place she can go with an open bed is their dude ranch

It’s time she finds out that cowboys don’t play. If she wants to stay by their side they are demanding she play the part of their wife.

_Missy Lyons is an erotic romance author

**Books currently being read: Atlanta Heat: A Navy SEALS story by Lora Leigh

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