Monday, June 03, 2013

Whoot! One step closer...

Here we are on Monday morning. I am one step closer to seeing Cowboys Don't Sing get published. It was returned to Siren this morning. So hopefully it won't be long before the next steps in this process get done. It should go through 1-2 more rounds of edits depending on how much work my additional scene was to go through.

Then it should also have a cover soon. I love seeing the vision of a cover artist bring my black and white words to life. I expect to see some hot cowboys on that book cover! That's always a fun part of the process.

Then it should go up for pre-order around the end of the month.  Then it should go to print only a few months later for those of you who are interested in a copy on your bookshelves. :)

This book had characters from three other books make a cameo appearance. It featured people from Cowboys Don't Sing, Heart of a Cowboy, and Bound By Desire.

Oh, I can hardly wait and if you love a good small town romance, you will want to put this on your to-be-read pile.

These movie characters were some of the people and pictures which inspired my story. :) I love a good cowboy.

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