Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Please welcome my guest blogger of the day Dee Shore!

Aloha everyone! For those that don’t know me I am Dee shore. I write BBW, romantic comedy, mainstream romance, and even some erotica. It’s really nice to meet you all! I have been published with Red Rose Publishing since it opened its doors can’t remember thought it’s been a while LOL

Like everyone else I have a zillion favorite things. BUT being the closet techy nerd I am, I have to admit electronic gadgets are my favorite! I can’t live without my BlackBerry or iPod Touch. The combination of having the two is truly perfect in my book.

So today I am going to present to you my favorite apps from both.

For my iPod Touch, it has to be my Nook app. For those of you that don’t know what a Nook is, it’s the Barnes & Noble eBook Reader. Now if you have an iPod Touch you can save yourself money and get this FREE app. And spend the cash on shoes lol. Kindle also has a free app for the iPhone/iPod Touch but I didn’t like it as much. Plus you get three free classics when you download it. I’m ok with that LOL! Here is a sample what it looks like:

To download Nook for your iPhone/iPod Touch. Visit the App Store and do a quick search for it. Please note that you have to be connected to a WIFI network for the iPod Touch.

For my BlackBerry, my favorite app is UberTwitter. I am always twittering, even if I am not at home. So I needed an app to make it easy for me to do that on the go. That’s where Uber comes in. I have tried all the Twitter BlackBerry apps out there and none compare to this one. There is SO much you can do with it that you can spend days learning how to do it all. Heck you can even change the color around it. Mine is purple LOL I had it pink before. I’m such a girl {giggling}.

To download UberTwitter, you can do a quick search for it on BlackBerry App World. Or click HERE from your BlackBerry.

I hope you enjoy my nerd blog and if you enjoy my review I do tons of reviews on my Tumblr so follow me there for nerd information lol You can click on the link bellow *points down*

I want to thank Missy for having me here today. She rocks! And I want to thank you for being here today with me you Rock! \m/\m/

Oh and before I go today is my sisters, Dane, a Happy 28th Birthday. She made so much fun of me when I turned 30 but lookie-lookie she’s just a few years away LOL!

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Thanks so much for spending some time with me!


Maggie Berkley said...

'blinks' You and my husband, Dee. Tech nerds. How much you've grown. I remember several years ago him helping you on an issue with your computer and now look at you. (grins) Well, I know who to come to for help now so be ready. I'll still tech illiterate.
So, you still have that coconut or did you finally throw it away? Aloha! (hugs)

Dee Shore said...

OMG! I still have the coconut. Can you believe it? LOL! Yeah I've become a hard core nerd and proud ^_^ but don't tell your dork of a husband. He'll never let me live it down. I am setting at work with both my BlackBerry and iPod Touch next to me LOL!

Dee Shore said...

Seating even OY! I can't type lately hehehe

Maggie Berkley said...

I'm so glad to see you susceeding. It's great when friends you knew back then are (bling bling) making good now! I can actually say, "I remember when we used to goof around RPing."
Now, about that tech (hugs)

Dee Shore said...

Awe! I know I feel the same way about you!!! We've known each other for way too long lol I remember when your song was teeny tiny. Not so much any more.

Nicole said...

I enjoyed your nerdy blog! My hubby’s a big time nerd. But he’s a hot nerd. *grin* Hot nerds are the new fad! LOL! I tell you what Dee, you’re a woman after my own heart. I am in love with my I-pod touch. Girl, I can't go anywhere without it. It’s like having you whole electronic world in the palm of your hand. I've been thinking about getting a blackberry. I like my little LG Voyager though. Touch screens are my favorite. I feel all fancy sliding my fingers around the screen. *giggle*

Nicole said...

This is Yvonne by the way. Google has me called out by my real name. Oh nooo... *snicker*