Thursday, September 23, 2010

Grammar geekiness

Me a grammar geek? I would never have thought it, but yes it's important to know some basic rules and be able to edit your own stories when you write. So, I thought I'd share some times you need to remember to capitalize the letter.

9 Rules for using capitals in a sentence:

The first word of a sentence or fragment
The name of a day or a month
The name of a language
A word expressing a connection with a place
The name of a nationality or an ethnic group
A proper name
The name of a historical period
The name of a holiday
A significant religious term
The first word, and each significant word, of a title
The first word of a direct quotation which is a sentence
A brand name
A Roman numeral
The pronoun I

Do you know why I thought to post this? Research my dear friend. I had to look up whether or not to capitalize french fries or not. While French might be capitalized if it pertains to the French, it does not have to be capitalized if it is describing a thing.

They are capitalized when they refer to the nationality:

French toast
English literature
Dutch courage

When they do not refer directly to the nationality, then they are often begun with lower case letters:

french fries
put english on the ball
we're in dutch now!

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