Thursday, August 14, 2008

Are you ready for the sexiest frog you will ever meet?

The Frog Prince -a fairy tale strictly for adults!!!

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The Frog Prince
Missy Lyons
Just what did Prince Alvin do that was so bad as to deserve being turned into a frog? Looking back, seducing the twin daughters of a fairy godmother was not a good idea. He was cursed until he could find the woman who would love him enough to break the spell.

Jasmine has a soft spot in her heart for all animals, no matter how many warts. When she found a wounded frog in the forest, she knew she had to take him home until he was healed, and just like the fairytale, she woke to find an irresistible prince in her bed after giving the frog a kiss.

Prince Alvin was more than willing to give Jasmine a happily ever after, but an evil stepmother has different ideas. Will love be enough to conquer all or will this be just the beginning of their adventures?

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