Thursday, July 24, 2008

One Day my Froggy Prince will come...


No matter how many stories of mine get accepted or published. I never stop getting excited when a new one makes it's debut. Dahlia Rose--our author liasion here at Amira Press just recently told me that The Frog Prince will be released very soon. On August 15 you will be able to buy it directly from Amira Press.

Definitely not the classic fairy tale that you remember from childhood. This Frog Prince is strictly for adults. Find out exactly how Prince Alvin got turned into a frog and why he deserved it. Will he be eaten by a cat before he can be rescued by his lady love? And most importantly, will he ever get his happily ever after?

I hope you check it out!

Lots of love all!
Missy Lyons
Author of Magic, Seduction, and Fantasy


Caffey said...

Oh I'm looking forward to this! Fairy Tales, adult ones, are so exciting to read!! Its just a beautiful cover Missy!

Missy Lyons said...

Thanks so much Cathie! I hope you enjoy this one too!