Saturday, February 03, 2007

Thor's Hammer a Free Story

Thor's Hammer--A free story Feb 14

Free Story coming Feb14 to

Did I tell you guys that I volunteered to do a free story through Romance Divas? Well I did, and am working on the beastie right now. It will be available on my website on Feb 14.
Originally I was thinking of sharing one already done. One of my sweet contemporary romances that anyone could read. Then I thought about writing a new one. I had a couple of storylines go through my head. "One Night in Paris" was one, and then I had a completely new idea that just seemed to take over. What about doing a fairy tale or a mythos come to life? Well knowing it was coming out on Valentine's Day--I wanted to feature Cupid or Aphrodite, and I kept brainstorming to come up with a storyline featuring one of those characters, listening intently for any voices that need to be brought to life. Instead whose voice do I hear? None other than the legendary Viking God of Thunder, Thor.


Where the heck did he come from? Anyways--Sometimes you just have to write with the voice that is speaking to you, and right now it is Thor. A giant among the Gods he is going to be featured in the upcoming free story. I am still working on the title, but it started out as "Thor's Hammer". That may change in the edits. I am not sure that the title is fitting or strong enough for the story. By the way guys and gals this isn't really a romance and although it may border on the erotic side, there isn't any sex. It's just an incredibly fun adventure that anyone will enjoy reading. FromValhalla to an exotic harem, be prepared to be transported to a realm that indulges your fantasies and leaves you wanting more.

Other than that things have been busy. It snowed today and yesterday and the schools were closed. So the kiddie stayed home today. I don't expect to get on here much before next week. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!

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