Saturday, January 27, 2007

Looking into the future

There are all kinds of exciting things happening looking into the future. What I find so very hard is that I have to wait for them to happen. Sometimes I just can't wait! Even when I have to...

With my first book release last year I have become an official author. Naughty or Nice can be found at Yay!!

It won't be the last one out either. Here is a breakdown of what I have coming in the future:

Closing the Deal April 2007
Bound by Desire Summer 2007
Blood Ties April 2007

I have some interesting stories which I am working on and hope to leave a little something to surprise you with. I am still working on a couple of projects. Bound by Desire is receiving some polishing and after that I need to finish editing my first novel Dragon Heat so I can pitch it to my first agent meeting in February.

From there I have several stories on the burner. Many are contemporary romance, but many times I find myself drifting into the paranormal, historical, and time travel.

Another fun project I have started is to team up with my fellow MGP authors. We have started a new blog to help writers like ourselves. I want to be able to share infromation that is helpful to writers, give interviews and share some really good books. You can see our new project here:

Feel free to check it out and let me know wht you think by commenting. Our very first author interview is up. Lucinda is a World War II romance writer. I find reading her work is like a breath of fresh air, the time period is so unique, I find it intriguing.

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