Sunday, January 21, 2007

Jouranlism and Pole dancing go hand in hand

Journalism and Pole Dancing go hand in hand

I just got back from my monthly writer's meeting. I can't tell you how necessary this little excursion is for my sanity. I need to go. My husband groans when he hears it is that time of the month, but there are times in life I just need to be selfish.

We talk shop, we talk about our lives, our kids, our writing, where it is taking us, how we are dealing with it. We talk about our book signings, rejections and our acceptances. I learn all kinds of valuable information about the industry, lead time, distributors, names of publishers, who's accepting, editing, and just all kinds of interesting things.

No matter what the topic, I always leave invigorated and energetic. Today's topic was about the journalism world. Broadcast journalism, photo journalism and print journalism. It was so insightful, all of it was useful information that I could use on characters in my stories and in my real life. Freelancing isn't going to make me a ton of money but it will help with the bills, if I try my hand at it again.

The one thing about journalism that had turned me off in the first place, was that it never did make any real money. I could make more money as a teacher. So naturally how to supplement your income as a journalist came up. It appears that the first choice of everyone in the room was to learn pole dancing. It's not just a hobby anymore, it's a career choice.

Ah, only another frustrated writer can understand. Or someone who doesn't get out of the house often. Lap dancing came up at least three times during the meeting. Pole dancing another two times. I think we are all looking forward to next month's retreat and getting away from our families for a weekend. They are already plotting—I mean planning how to spend their time. Between the lectures and the massages never mind the lap dances, I know I will be having a blast. Eeek! I can hardly wait!

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