Monday, April 29, 2013

It's been a while

I felt the need to make a blog post and catch you all up because it's been a while since I wrote last.

There are about 3 months in the Spring time that make it really difficult for me to stay on track with my writing and I think I tend to quit writing at all during this time. For the month of April, I have been off my game and focused on getting outside work and family.

Looking ahead to the month of May it looks like it will be another difficult month to sneak in any writing time.

But besides making time, I really need to narrow down my next project. I find I am way more effective in my writing time if I take out some time (usually 2-3 days) and plot my next book. The characters don't always stick to the gameplan but it helps because I don't sit there and stare at a blank screen and wonder what to write.

My only real dilemma is committing to which book to write next.

Commitment shouldn't be a problem but it is, because I have to turn off all the other voices in my head. I can't write dragons if I'm writing the sharks. It's difficult  have to turn off all the other things in my brain wanting to tell the stories of any characters.

I am trying to decide between a few stories at the moment.

1. Contemporary BDSM romance with a wounded officer and his journey to becoming a whole man again. This is the sequel to Bound by Desire
2. The Shark Shifter romance that will bind the different races together in a fight to protect both their species. This is book 2 in the Sexier When Wet books.
3. Two cowboy menages that are sequels to the Riding Western Style books. One is a heroine fighting cancer and the other one meets  up with her high school crushes after years and is tempted to spark an old flame.
4. Then there are the aliens. I didn't intend to write this book anytime soon, but the characters are speaking to me now. This would be the sequel to Alien Promise.

Which book do you think I should write?

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