Sunday, January 06, 2013

The Virgin Sacrifice accepted by Siren

More good news arrived in my inbox and I don't think I shared it on my blog. So I want to rectify that now. I recently finished a story over the Winter break and submitted it to Siren. I knew it could take some time to hear back so I didn't worry. Everyone is on vacation at that time of year and I knew the editors were probably at home enjoying their families and kids.

Well,  I didn't have to wait long. I got an acceptance letter in January. I think it may get out as soon as late February but it really depends on edits and such and I'm waiting to see it up on the calender before I give it a firm date.

The Virgin Sacrifice is an erotic menage. It's a m/f/m pairing and was written around an especially sassy young girl, called Jewel. She's a thief and is always getting herself into trouble, usually petty stuff like stealing the book of spells from the Fairy Queen but when she is drug into a damp cave in the middle of the night to see the Troll King she knows she is really in trouble.

You'll find out more about the book as it gets closer to publication. :) But for now that should be enough teasing.

Lots of Love,
Missy Lyons

P.S. The picture is just a little hint from me to you about The Virgin Sacrifice...

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