Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Back to the business of writing

I think the single most important aspect of my writing career involves regularity at the moment. I am not a huge producer of words. I am not one of those writers who put out ten thousand words in a single day and I can't make up the words the next day if I don't write.

I have a life, and limited free time to write. My kids and my family has to take priority in my life, and it's not like they are goldfish. If I forget to to feed the family because I am nose deep in a story bad things happen. Anyway, I am not complaining, it's what's right for this time in my life. It just means I take a little time to myself.

Enough to write a page or two and then I go back to doing the dishes and the laundry. If I write only a page a day that is a full novel by the end of the year. It's doable, and slow and steady can win the race.

I hope to keep up on the current story until the end of the week. Then I have to stop for edits on The Virgin Sacrifice. Then I can go back to writing my cowboys. :)

So my progress has been slow, but this is what you can look forward to coming down the pipeline from me in the near future.

Alien Promise - releases 1/28
The Virgin Sacrifice - releases 2/20
Cowboys Don't Sing - is still a work in progress but as soon as I submit it I will let you know!

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