Sunday, December 02, 2012

December 2: Free Ebooks on Amazon

I may not be doing this everyday next month but it has been fun this week finding and sharing free reads with you. I am trying to figure out and plan how to go forward with this in the future. Maybe we'll do  it once a week or so.

Anyway, please verify the reads are free before you download. Some of these books may be free only for a limited time and the prices are subject to change.

If you want to thank the author and encourage them to list their book again, please consider liking the page, tagging the book, or leaving a review. If they don't see positive results they may not consider doing it again.

Today's theme is Inspirational and Self Help Books

  1. 365 Days of Romance
  2. 52 Mondays: The One Year Path to Outrageous Success and Happiness
  3. Becoming the 1%: How to Master Productivity and Rise to the top in 7 Days
  4. Creating a Budget that Works
  5. How to Stay Focused and not fall Hostage to Distraction
  6. How to be totally Awesome
  7. How to Achieve Goals
  8. Stress Free Living
  9. Inspirational Words of Wisdom for Challenging Times
  10. 365 Motivation Starters for a New Day

If you are an author and would like to leave a link to your free story please do so in the comments below and be sure and say when and for how long it will be free. Thank you.

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