Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I should be writing but Christmas is coming

The countdown to Christmas starts now! I really should be writing, I should be trying to get in every word I can before the kids get off for their Winter Break.

This month is always bad for my writing, there is so much I have to multitask as a mom, and a wife, and a writer. The school is running fundraisers (no surprise there) and there are parties to go to and I need to have hostess gifts ready and gifts for everyone from the teachers at school to family. There is a long list of things to do. I need to bake. I need to craft. I need to shop. I need to wrap. I need to decorate and then when the dust has settled I need a drink.

Then there is that thing I always need to. I need to write if I want to be a writer.

It doesn't matter how busy I am or who is in the emergency room (it was my husband last night) I need to make time to write. Not just because I have a story bubbling up inside of me but because this is my constant in my life.

Writing is the only way I can achieve my goals. It is the only way the series I have started are going to get done, and then there is that other motivation, the one that helps me pay my bills. Writing is how I make money and so I need to write constantly if I want to pay my bills. So there is a constant drive inside of me to keep the words coming.

Every day I need to write a few pages and make progress.

My list is long and my muse is constantly at my back whispering sweet nothings into my ear. I don't want any more ideas. I need to write down the ones I have.

For December I hope to get moving on the Riding Western Style series. Really, I wrote a series within a series and I didn't realize that until I got through book 2. Cowboys Don't Dance was a contemporary western m/f  themed romance. and the next book takes place in the same town but the characters are paranormal and very special and unique and the main characters are also gay.

There are in the same town and they know each other, but the humans really have no clue about the other side and what is going on in the shapeshifter world or with the Indians they live close by. So as I am discovering more about this series, I realized I really don't know as much as I thought I did.  I should have probably separated the two series but I didn't realize what I had going on until I developed more as a writer.

The names may change to protect the innocent but I have two more books I want to write in the contemporary cowboy line: Cowboy's Don't Sing and Cowboys Don't Play and 2-4 more books in the paranormal side of the series.

I am not sure if I should write the books in order or do one every other book, but I want to finish out this series and begin writing these stories this December.  Yep, you asked for it and it's coming. More sexy cowboys for your reading pleasure. lol

The Riding Western Style series is available on Siren Bookstrand here:

Book 1:  Cowboys Don't Dance
Book 2:  Heart of a Cowboy

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