Thursday, November 29, 2012

Got Coffee?

It's cold this morning. I am so happy to have a working furnace again I can hardly contain myself. I don't have to wear gloves while I type and I don't have to warm myself with seventeen cups of coffee and a space heater.

Life is good. I can't complain and it's time for me to get my mojo back and write. I got a hot story that is begging to be told. I finally came up with names for the three main characters and I'm getting a feel for their backstory now. Who they are and who they want to become is all finally making it's way onto the paper and I love this part of the story. The beginning is where the story really comes together.

As an author, this is the part that has to be attention grabbing, and establish conflict. The characters get to show me their personality and sometimes when I am really lucky I can welcome back an old friend. Like when I am doing a series. :) That is always fun for me.

This particular book is part of my first cowboy series. Yeah, the one I was talking about the other day on my blog is going to be my December and January writing project. It does take a while to get through writing the book but it's all worth the effort in the end. Trust me.

I am really excited to have things happening in the works, but I can't spill all the beans just yet. I will however give you news as soon as I can. For now, just know I do it all for you.

You and coffee.

Stay warm my Sexy Friends!

Missy Lyons

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