Saturday, August 11, 2012

There's a ball and I have nothing to wear...

I am looking forward to attending the Authors after Dark Conference and they have lots of conferences and special acitivites. One in particular is a costume contest and masquerade ball. I need to come up with a good ghost costume and figure out what to do.

Want to look at what I have to work with? Here it is:

Friday Night From 9pm-12am

ECHOES OF NEW ORLEANS masquerade with the masquerade court, lead by the amazing Joey W. Hill!

Ghosts of the old world, be they real or imaginary come out for a ball honoring them! Remnants, Voodoo queens, zombies, politicians, historical figures and of course, book characters will fill our most hallowed of ballrooms for a night of revelry, debauchery and mischief!

Huge prize for the best costume, as well as two runner ups! Let your freak flag fly in the Big Easy, and honor those that have helped to make the city infamous!

Nothing storebought is going to work completely. I need to try to come up with something original and fun. :)

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