Thursday, August 09, 2012

New Orleans Zoo visit - AADNOLA

I am in New Orleans at the writers and readers conference Authors After Dark. The first day was a little crazy but I found the hotel and checked in. The moment we entered the city the sky darkened and lightning flashed. A summer storm had suddenly appeared from the out of nowhere and in a city of concrete walls and asphalt streets the rain water has nowhere to go. The downpour was intense and almost scary. I had to leave the car and wade through a foot of water. When we drove on the streets I had to be careful of pedestrians so I wouldn't splash them but that was near impossible.

I didn't stay long in the hotel Royal Sonata though and the family wanted to fit in some sightseeing so we found some fun places to take the kids while we were here.

The New Orleans Zoo was absolutely beautiful and there are plenty of extras besides the animals so you don't get bored. They had a train ride which we totally took advantage of and a Dinosaur exhibit with animatronics so you get the full experience of roaring moving dinosaurs. It was way cool.

This is me and the babygirl just having fun on our tour of the zoo. It was absolutely beautiful and some of the buildings in the zoo were created by the same man who built Central Park Zoo so it was very refined and had a classic beauty in some places like at the fountains.

I noticed three fountains but the most modern one at the entrance was my favorite.  How can anyone resist these elephants playing in the waters?

This is a picture of one of my favorite animals at the zoo. The big cat exhibits always make me happy. It's like watching a big kitty and makes me want to just go up and rub their chin. The male lion they had at this zoo was absolutely beautiful and sleeping after the rain storm.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures so far. I will see if I can't get more pictures posted soon. :) If you are in New Orleans at the conference I will try and say hello. 

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