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Excerpt of Beach Bound (PG-13)

Beach Bound
Price $3.99
Length 17k
Genre: M/M
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Ryan wasn’t on a vacation. He may be recovering from an abusive relationship he was stuck in the last six months, but he was a scientist first and foremost. He had to prove to the entire scientific community that the Crested Hairy Necked Dodo bird not only existed but thrived away from predators and humans on the outlying uninhabited islands of Hawaii. 

He just needed a boat to prove it. 

Hokuikekai is a seaman, but with a bad fishing season he’s looking for extra work to make ends meet. What he doesn’t know is this daytrip is going to turn into several weeks on a deserted island filled with exotic plants and animals from a prehistoric era. Plants that seem to raise the sexual arousal, and with the only two men in sight, sex was the only thing on their minds.
Ryan didn't like the way the spectacular green of the jungle was now dark and shadowed. Ryan, feeling scared, stayed as close to Snapper as he could without stomping on his heel. 

"How far ‘til camp?" Ryan asked. His voice was trembling and he wasn't sure why. The scent was driving his hormones nuts. His cock was growing—long and hard. Was Snapper having the same problem? 

The deeper they moved into the jungle, the stronger the scent became. Ryan had been in many jungles around the world and nothing like this had ever happened before. He dug his soggy notebook out of his back pocket. It was going to have to dry before Ryan could make any notes on the island and the effect it had on him. The professor wanted to be sure to make note the scent was doing strange things to his libido. 

Delicious, wonderful things. 


Snapper stopped and turned toward Ryan. "Yeah, lil' guy, whattup? You scared?" 

He gave a nervous laugh. "Only a little. I hope you know where you're going." 

Ryan's heart was doing flip-flops. Snapper was highly aroused as well. The evidence was growing larger in Snapper’s shorts and it was difficult for Ryan to keep his eyes anywhere but on the man’s genitals. 

What was going on? 

In a clearing in the jungle there was a flock of Hawaiian geese, a common site on the Kauai. The birds were believed to have evolved from the Canadian goose at one time and bore a striking resemblance to their forefathers. What surprised Ryan wasn’t the species of the bird, but what they were doing. Every one of them was involved in an avian orgy. Feathers flew, and tails thumped and the soft calls echoed as Ryan and Snapper stopped and stared. 

Ryan stroked his raging hard-on. He was so aroused it hurt. The sickeningly sweet smell was especially strong here. His cock did a salute and begged for release. It was not conscious, but becoming more and more necessary. His hand went straight to his genitals. Giving a sensuous caress meant to help ease the pain, but also built tension. 

Snapper’s voice broke with unspoken emotion. “You have to stop touching yourself, Ryan.” 

“I can’t.” Ryan said while stroking his cock through his pants. It was the closest thing to relief he could get. “I don’t understand what’s going on in my body, but I am so turned on right now it’s killing me.” 

“Really? Me too.” Ryan turned to see Snapper was now touching his cock through the tented material of his shorts. He had his thin T-shirt—makeshift sack—full of fruits and vegetables, yet he juggled the armload around until he was touching his shaft. 

The humidity and the heat of the day, was strong enough to make anyone want to peel off every layer of clothing. “I tried to keep it hidden,” Ryan admitted, “but it seems since we stepped foot on this island all I can think about is sex.” 

“Sex.” Snapper repeated the word slowly as if the idea fascinated him. 

“Yeah, sex.” 

“I would give anything to fuck right now.” Snapper did a little pelvic thrust for emphasis, and Ryan felt a jolt run up his spine in response. 
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