Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Tuesday afternoon

You know it's funny, even when I mean to blog, sometimes I don't always get around to it. I think, yeah this event was cool in my life, but is it blogworthy.

Sure it's the superbowl, but does that make it blogworthy? Not everyone is into sports. Not everyone is into once a year opportunities. Not everyone will even bother to read this but here I go to waste my time to write about it. When I could be spending time with my family or better yet writing mroe stories. It's tough to make time and to use it wisely in this business. Especially when you have so many hats you are expected to wear as a writer. You have to write, blog, market, mysepace and blast your books on all the social media outlets. Then show up to booksigings, conventions, and other special events.


Multi-tasking can lead to things not getting done, or done well.

It's frustrating to say the least but then I think I need to put my loyalty and my time in the one thing I can control. My writing. I can write more and put out more stories or better quality stories and ultimately perhaps increase my readership.

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