Monday, June 01, 2009

All about my side job as a cover artist

Well writing is fun, but I don't make enough to pay the bills just yet. I got to work since hubby lost his job this spring. So writing is really just a side job to my other part time jobs. I think I told you about my job at the restaraunt, that I occasionaly secret shop at various businesses, but not everyone knows that I also work as a cover artist for a few publishers. For fun, I am sharing my latest cover for a book titled Maxwell's Mansion by Donna McClaire.

So, in between the deadlines, I work on graphic designs for artists, authors, and publishers. Often at very odd hours of the night since I am also a full time mommy. It's convenient to have the ability to work from home, but it also means you never get away from your work

Yeah, this is one job you really can call moonllighting.

Do you work? I think being a housewife an a mother is a full time job that not many women get creit for, but the reward is well worth it.

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