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Bound by Desire and other news

Did you hear the news?

Bound by Desire was just released!!

FBI agent Denise Walden was immediately drawn into a kidnapping case. It wasn't long before late nights at the office turn into her seeing more and more of her boss Victor and she couldn't help but imagine what it would be like to have his body making demands on her. It wasn't long before she felt completely bound by her own desire.

Victor desired Denise the moment he saw her, but he kept pushing her away, keeping his distance. His own tastes were to dominate his women in and out of the bedroom, to accept nothing except complete submission, and he feared that if he tasted Denise he would never let her go.


"Anyway, after today I just feel like I am on a high that will never
let me come down."
"I know what you mean." His hand drifted to her thigh and patted
her leg briefly before he removed his hand. It was so natural, so friendly,
not sexual in the least, that Denise thought she had imagined it. She
could still feel the lingering warmth. It was the only real evidence of his
touch. His expression had not changed. His manner certainly had not.
Was he hitting on her? Was he interested in more? She wasn't sure,
with his lackadaisical demeanor.
Not that she would have minded if he had made a sexual advance on
her. In fact, she still wanted more than a brief touch. Denise closed her
eyes to the image in her mind. He could have touched her so much more
intimately and she would have welcomed him.
Victor let his strong hand pat her knee and the warmth of his touch
drifted upward, she could feel the heat invade her as his hand strayed to
her inner thigh. She opened to him, spreading her legs in a seductive
invitation, which he could not ignore.
When he felt her move into his hand, he worked his way back down
her leg, pushing her skirt aside; he worked his way back up her leg. The
skin to skin contact was exquisite, sending tremors of desire through her,
until she felt like melting into a pool of desire.
His fingers worked their magic on her, pushing aside the lacy
underwear to run through the furry womanhood. One finger grazed her
clit and she let out a low moan. He worked silently, his fingers were
working their magic on her, finding her clit, he began to rub in a
demanding rhythm, answering her need for more. The rhythm was
insistent and her hips moved up of their own accord, in a silent demand
for satisfaction.
He never stopped driving, just letting his fingers work their magic
by touch.
Denise felt so needy and so close to finishing she let out a moan
telling him just how much she desired him. Just how close she was to an
"Did you say something?" His rough voice triggered a slightly
paranoid response in her. Was she so foolish as to have done that out
"Umm—no. I was just clearing my throat." Her panties were wet
from her little daydream. She was embarrassed to find her hands were in
her lap, and she fisted her hands and moved them away from herself to
not rub up against herself like that. She didn't need to let him know what
kind of fantasy she had just had. What kind of thoughts had just drifted
through her head, or how conflicted she was feeling right now.
Victor arched an eyebrow at her dubiously, but continued to drive in
the newly awkward silence. He was no fool and the sound that he just
heard wasn't a woman clearing her throat. That sounds wasn't the kind you usually heard outside the bedroom.

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3. Where does Closing the Deal take place?
4. What are the names of the characters in A Warrior's Woman coming out from Whispers soon?
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