Sunday, November 05, 2006

My Nano progress

Well so far I have managed to keep my word coutn up to about 1800 words a day even though it has been on 4 different stories. I may not have a novel done by the end of Nano but several short stories. Which isn't exactly what the challenge is about. So I may have to narrow it down to one story at a time.

So maybe I will focus on "A dragon Among Us" story. It would be good to have another dragon story under my belt.

I got an email reply about a short story which I submitted to Phaze's fury line this week too. They were interested in a short erotica which I wrote that has revenge as a central theme. I tend to find revenge themes a lot in my plotting. Which is funny, because I am really not like that in real life, saving my anger, plotting my revenge. I find it funny it's a characteristic that should come out with my characters. Phaze asked for about 6-7 changes be made as well as some cutting (which I find very hard to do when I work so hard at getting the word count up in the first place). It currently stands around 11k.

So I spent the last couple of days editing and making changes, and maybe it will result in another contract for sometime in June of next year. If they don't like it, I may just stretch it out to a novella 25k-30k and submit it elsewhere, but they did express interest and liked the main character.

Of course it also meant that I got behind in my Nano challenge by a day. So now I get to play catch up.

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