Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Another Day

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Nothing special happened today, but that can be a good thing. No plumbing nightmares, no black stuff in the shower. We will have to call the plumber back for the fourth time, the drains upstairs are still slow to drain, but at least they are not completely blocked. Complete blockage = Very bad thing.

I got a rejection letter in the mail from Woman's World for one of my stories, but that is okay I expected it on that "Layover in Louisiana" was too much of a jetset mentality for that publication. I don't even care, cuz I got an acceptance letter from at least one publisher!!! Mardi Gras Publishing loves me

Funny thing happened today. I have been taking my dog lately for a ride when I go and pick up my daughter from school. The dog is a golden retreiver and she doesn't have a mean bone in her body. She runs from the cat (and with good reason, the cat will suddenly bop her in the face for no better reason than she happend to walk by). While waiting for my daughter to get released from the school (it doesn't matter when I get there, there is always a wait) I parked the car and rolled down the window, and get out my book to begin my wait. My dog was growling. I look up to see what she is growling at. It's not like she would ever hurt a kid, and she is not very vocal. Long story, but she doesn't even bark much anymore.

So I look up and out the window to try and see what my dog is going to protect me from and what do I see? But a large herd of black and brown cows, calmly grazing in the pasture. Silly dog. Is that what you are getting worked up over? Are you going to protect me from a cow? From this side of the fence?

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