Thursday, February 07, 2013

Welcome today's guest author Tess Black

I have always desired to be an author, and have written stories on and off since about the age of thirteen, with a long busy break during which I raised my two daughters as a stay-at-home mom.

Although, I never attempted to publish anything it was fun for me to invent characters and give them life. I wrote everything from what would now be classified as YA romance to short children’s books where cats went on crazy adventures. In my adult years, I concentrated on historical romances with a time travel theme. I had yet to discover the paranormal/fantasy genre. Most of these stories were written well before home computers and laptops were the norm, so it was all set out in notebooks or typed on my really cool typewriter. Yes, I said typewriter! Ha-ha! It boggles my daughter’s minds. Thank God, the world is now more technologically advanced.
Unable to find myself again after going through an unwanted divorce, I had a lot of spare time on my hands and took to my computer. I eventually found the world of online roleplaying, which in turn led me to writing for an interactive storytelling site, There I found an awesome mentor, the talented LaVerne Thompson, and was given the opportunity and encouragement to write Heart and Soul.

I am currently working on the follow up to Heart and Soul, Book Two of  The Solaria Trilogy; Tolan’s story (untitled.)  

What would you do if you were given a second chance at life and love?
On a mission to rid herself of her unwanted engagement ring, jilted attorney, Greer Ivers, loses control of her vehicle in a spring snowstorm. She finds herself awakened in an alternate world and into the arms of a handsome man.
The intriguing Caelan Virilion, a hidden witness to the tragedy from another plane of existence, discovers himself in an unacceptable situation. Torn between his responsibilities and what his heart insists is right.
Spending a few days together in Caelan's world draws them closer in more ways than one and feelings they are fated surface in the heat between them. With only a few days until she must return, will they recognize risks are worth taking for true love?

~ Excerpt ~
She pulled up short when a man appeared from out of nowhere, startling her. Jumping back, Greer stared, hoping she didn’t drool. Tall, dark and handsome didn’t even begin to cover it. Craning her head back to look up into his face, she realized he must have stood at least six and a half feet tall with golden skin and a body to die for. He looked so hot in fact, she could hear the sizzle from where she stood. His dark hair fell to just above his broad shoulders, framing an exquisite face of chiseled features. Deep green eyes watched her with interest from under killer lashes. As her eyes traveled lower, she actually felt her breath catch and stop. He stood before her, shirtless. His smooth muscular chest and six-pack—no wait, make that eight-pack—rippled down to reveal a smattering of dark hair starting just below his navel and trailing south to disappear into snug dark rust-colored pants hanging low on his lean hips. He posed in the doorway, all lithe, sinewy muscle with colorful tattoo symbols running down the left side of his torso.
Oh, sweet Jesus. She’d died and gone to heaven—or perhaps hell, since he looked to be so sinfully tempting. Suddenly realizing she stared at him too intently, she glanced away. A blush crept from her neck on up to heat her cheeks.
“Greetings. My name is Caelan Virilion.” He didn’t move from the doorway, perhaps waiting for her to acknowledge him, but his mega-watt smile, revealing perfect white teeth, captivated her as did his unique name and lyrical voice. Ah, so the sandalwood scent came from him. He even smelled yummy.
Greer snapped back to herself as soon as she realized he was waiting for her to speak. Believing the best defense to be a direct approach, she stepped forward with her hand outstretched to shake and broke her silence. “I’m Greer Ivers. I don’t believe I know you or where I am at the moment. Perhaps you could enlighten me.”
~ End Excerpt ~

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LaVerne said...

What a great interview Tess! And thank you but all I did was tell you to write and okay cracked the whip a time or two lol *hugs*

Tess Black said...

I wrote my blog post very late last night and now realize I forgot to thank the incredible Missy Lyons for having me here today so...Thank you, Missy!