Friday, February 01, 2013

The Diamonds and Divas Book Tour - Maggie Berkley

This isn't my book, but I am part of a virtual blog tour and will be sharing some blogs and information about other authors who are just good friends of mine. Before I introduce the authors, I want to introduce their books. This book is a great action filled, adventure fantasy romance by the very talented Maggie Berkley. You need to check it out.

This is book 3 in a series but is able to be read by itself and stand alone as well, but for your maximum reading enjoyment I would recommend reading the other 2 books in the Morgan Crowe series as well.

Book 1-Enter the Night
Book 2-Behind the Throne
Book 3-Out of the Shadowlands

A storm is brewing in the Dark Courts and her name is Death.

Tired of broken promises and betrayal, Morgan Crowe takes matters into her own hand and carves a destructive path through the maze of political intrigue the Dark Queen of the Mor'sin'dar had created. After rescuing her friend Vivienne from the dungeons of UnderArch, Morgan returns home to discover her son missing, taken by the man she had once given her heart to. Seeking help to retrieve him she finds those she served unwilling to give assistance and realizes that loyalty is not always a two way street. Tired of being used by those she thought of as allies and hunted by those she knows are enemies, Morgan is determined to end the game she had been unwillingly pulled in to and strikes out in fury at everyone around her. 

But when her past finally catches up with her and threatens the lives of those she loves, Morgan knows it's time to take a stand. Charged by her dead King to bring justice to him and the throne and still haunted by the prophecy given to her about the future, she
must make a decision that could change the ShadowedLands and those who live within its borders forever. With the help of the mysterious Lord Requiem and the young Werewolf Ty, Morgan steps forward to bring a true King to the Ebon Throne and to remove the threat to her and those she loves. 

Will she give into her destructive nature or will she finally step into the destiny he was born for?

Now available at all major ebook and paperback retailers:
Price $5.99 Ebook, $17.99 Paperback

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More about the author Maggie Berkely:

A long time fan of dark fantasy with a touch of romance, Maggie Berkley grew up in a world all her own. During long times of parental lock down as a teenager due to a rebellious nature, she wrote short stories and plays, and as time went by drew upon her love of fantasy to write fan fiction. Due to the encouragement of friends and family she decided rather than keep her stories for herself she would publish and share them with the world. This is the result.
Maggie lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband of many, many years, one rowdy puppy and two cats that rule their lives with an iron claw. Her son has recently attended basic training for the military and his now a proud member of the US Air Force.

Maggie currently has three novels published. Enter The Night, Behind The Throne, and Out Of The ShadowedLands from the Morgan Crowe Trilogy. She also co-scripted a short film called The Ban-Sidhe which has been submitted into independent film festivals. She is currently working on a free read called Selene as well as writing her next series, Diamond Lil.


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