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“I think the lady needs some persuading, Darryl.”
“No!” she screamed when she felt an arm snake around her and the man named Darryl pulled her close. She smelled the faint but pleasant male odor of mesquite and smoke, a powerful blend that affected her equilibrium. It was on instinct alone that she managed to evade his grasp. An arm twist and a sidestep and she used his weight to throw him to the ground. She crouched, ready to fight again if she had to. “Don’t touch me and no one gets hurt.”
“Feisty, aren’t you?” The big one in front of her chuckled, raising her temper.
“Just how you like them, Darius,” Darryl said in a prone position. He should be groaning in pain with the air knocked out of his lungs, but he looked almost amused.
The one on the ground wasn’t down there for long, and he hooked a leg around hers, sweeping her off her feet. If she didn’t know better, she would have said he planned to have her land in his arms. Her struggles were in vain, and he only seemed to tighten his grip on her the more she tried to wriggle free. One leg wrapped around her, tangling in hers. He was a remarkably hard, and there was a part of his body growing harder.
Darius was laughing hysterically, enjoying his show of her wrestling with his brother. The physical resemblance between the brothers was uncanny.
Desperation and panic hit her hard. She used the only resource she had left and bit down as hard as she could on his arm, tearing into his soft flesh with her teeth.
Darryl only grew more aroused, and his hard cock seemed to grow two inches longer to rest between her thighs. “Mmm, you should save that for the bedroom, lass. If you do it again, you will have consequences you may not like.”
“Screw you!”
“We’d be delighted. We’re only waiting for you to be honest with us. Ready to talk yet?” Darius asked again in a softer tone as he knelt by her.
Not ready to play any sexual games, she caved. Her resolve to escape would be gone if Darryl insisted on stroking her inner thigh as he was doing now, and if his brother joined in, all hope would be lost.
“I could say anything and you wouldn’t be the wiser. Whoever sent me would become your new enemy. I could start a war with my words.”
“I could smell your lies through your bravery, lass. You would do better being honest with us. We could have already killed you if we wanted to.”
She was tired of everything. In some ways she would welcome death.
“I am really tired of being the pawn of everyone else. The Troll King is your real enemy.” She rolled, and the man on top of her rolled with her, easily staying with her as if his body were glued to hers.
Damn it. This new position was worse than before.
“All right. You can kill me now.” She was so embarrassed she could die, and the guy she was on top of would not let her go. His cock was in perfect alignment with her aching pussy.
Darius chuckled. “With a thousand little deaths. Death is not an escape but a beginning.”
“Are you talking about sex? Just kill me now and get it over with.” She groaned. Wriggling to escape only made everything worse, and her heightened sexual tension was ready to snap.
“All in due time, my dear.” Darius responded.
“Of course, Darius! He’s still pissed at us for killing his brother. I would have thought he would have sent more of a warrior than you.” Darryl spoke from on top of her and looked at her with disdain in his eyes.
“Or an army,” Darryl said thoughtfully. His eyes danced in amusement, colors swirled in their depths.
They didn’t understand who she was. She could be just as dangerous as a trained soldier.
“Who better than a thief?” she retorted. She was tired of playing games and even more tired of hiding who she was. Maybe if they understood, they would let her go from this convoluted mess. “I was supposed to kill the two dragons and steal your treasure.”
“Just one little woman against two red fire dragons? You had to know that was suicide. No, the only reason you were sent to us was to bait us. You are a virgin sacrifice, and I have to admit—very difficult to resist.” Darius’s eyes roved her body, hungrily devouring every ripe curve as if she belonged to him simply because she was in his arms.
The self-righteous possessive bastard.
“I am Jewel, the thief and assassin, and if you were dragons, you would be dead. I don’t need an army to be successful. I just need to know what or who I’m up against.” Darius eyes narrowed to dangerous slits while she spoke. A shiver travelled her spine, whether in fear or desire for something else, she was unsure. She knew in her heart in all likelihood these were the two dragons she was after, but she wanted to put space between them and her. She wanted to feel like she was in control again, and it didn’t help to have Darryl on top of her looking like he would fuck her if she said anything close to yes.
She didn’t like the way her belly did flip-flops when they looked at her, or the way Darryl’s fingers seemed to accidentally brush her breasts. She felt the thread of sexual awareness and a moist heat that sank from her belly to settle in her pussy.
“Jewel?” Darius came closer, and every step made the throb of her pussy more unbearable. He tilted her head up to his, and his eyes glowed amber, whirling in the daylight as intense as an evening fire glowed in the darkness. He mesmerized her with his overwhelmingly male beauty, and she felt breathless under his intense scrutiny. “Then it’s definitely fate that brought you to us. You see, my brother Darryl and I collect jewels.”
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