Friday, January 25, 2013

New Adult Excerpt for Alien Promise


by Missy Lyons

“We want to mate you, Lillian Greene. Neither of us wants to hold back.” His eyes hardened and deepened to a dark-honey color. Every time his eye color changed she found herself trying to figure him out. What was he feeling? His free hand flicked her nipple, and she arched against him as he cupped her breast in his hand. “Do you have a family that will miss you if you come home with us?”

“No.” She let out a sigh as his engorged cock pulsed between her thighs. If only he would position himself a little higher, the pressure on her clit might get some relief. What did she have to lose? It could be an adventure, crossing the galaxy with two of the sexiest warriors she had ever laid eyes on. An adventure she hoped would go on and on, in and out of bed. She had never felt this horny with anyone, let alone two guys. If she had to choose between the men when they were lined up, she wasn’t sure she could. “No family. My parents are dead. I am not even sure my job would miss me at this point. Mitch may not even remember me or need me.”

Her toes curled as he let go of her hands and slid further down her body. “I have waited so long. I have wanted to know what you feel wrapped around my cock since the day I met you.”

“Yeeeeeeessss! Give it to me. That’s what I’ve been waiting for.”

Lily felt the stubble of his beard rub against her thighs and groaned. She wanted to feel the slide of his hard cock inside her, and he held back.

Her fingers threaded through his hair as he kissed the center of her pussy. His fingers parted her pussy, and his tongue licked her flesh. He found her swollen clit and teased it to an aching nub. Her wet arousal pooled between her legs. “You taste like cream and honey.”

“Oh my!” She bucked as his tongue lapped at her flesh. It was sweet torture until he found her clit, and then it was agony. The building pressure in her womb was a raging forest fire of desire. He swept his tongue across her swollen clit, sucking and flicking it with both a tenderness and a masterful skill that nursed her lust into a frenzy.

She bucked against him, pressing her pussy up into his mouth. He chuckled, but one hand firmly pressed her abdomen down against the soft mattress and reached under her ass to lift up off the mattress and positioned her at his whim. She couldn’t do anything much but whimper.

“That feels so good. That thing you are doing with your mouth—oh my God!” Her hands muffled a scream as she bit her bottom lip, and the pressure building against her dam of restraint broke. She broke free, shattering into a million pieces as he stroked her and played her like a fine musical instrument.

“You are too good at that, stud. I am almost afraid of what you can do with that sword of yours.” His wide hand covered the expanse of her belly, and he rested against the vertex of her cunt. She had never been this relaxed with a man, especially while naked. She had always been a little self-conscious of her body. She had too many curves and she would like to be able to call herself plump, but most guys would just say fat. A size eighteen was no skinny-mini.

“It won’t be long before you find out exactly how talented I am with my cock. This belongs to me.” He placed his hand over her furry mound, sending a shiver up her spine.

She giggled a little at his possessiveness. It felt odd he would lay a claim when he insisted on waiting for his brother to actually fuck her. The anticipation was killing her. She licked her lips, feeling her horniness level jump just thinking about what would happen if or when she got both brothers in bed. “Then how is your brother going to fuck me? I thought you both wanted me.”

“This will be his.” His thumb flicked gently across her anus, massaging her butt crack.

Lily nearly flew off the bed in her surprise. “Whoa. I can’t do that—I mean I never had anyone go through the back door before.”

He rendered her speechless as he sought to calm her once again. Two fingers over her mouth quieted her. “Shh, calm yourself, Lily. We would never hurt you. Our only desire is to give you pleasure.”

“Yeah, and that kind of pleasure is going to rip me in two. Have you noticed the size of your cock is huge? If your brother is anything close to as big as you…” She shook her head, scared to death of that kind of pain. She’d never been fucked in the ass before, but if her first time was by either of the two men, it may be her last time. She didn’t need the kind of pleasure that ended in her demise.

“Calm your fears. We are compatible sexually. You won’t break.” He stroked her hair, and the motion had a soothing effect on her. “You were made for our touch. See how your body craves us? It responds the moment our skin meets with the simplest of touches.”

Her body felt the fire grow deep inside until it was a roaring wildfire. Out of control and hopelessly caught up in the moment. He circled her clit with his thumb, while one finger dipped inside her pussy rubbing her. It slipped in and out of her cunt, slowly drawing out her wildest moan. She bucked up against the palm of his hand until his finger slid deeper inside, moistened by her desire.

“Do it, Ryder!” she urged while riding his hand.

He chuckled softly to himself, his eyes glowing amber. “You are so hot.”

“Don’t forget horny.” She whimpered. She bucked again and was rewarded with another finger, stretching her wide. He never stopped playing with her clit, and he seemed to know her body better than she did, causing her to ride high on the waves of lust. When she felt she was on the edge of release, he withheld his touch, stretching out the torture and keeping her on the edge of desire.

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