Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Meet the Characters from Alien Promise

So in my latest novella, there are quite a few fun characters including two of the sexiest warriors you may ever meet and you don't even have to leave the planet for this kind of fun. Meet the characters straight out of my newest erotic romance book, Alien Promise.

Cast of characters:

Saber is exceptionally tall at seven foot six inches and built like a pro wrestler. He has light blue skin tinted by the ultra violet rays of his sun and while he is on the planet earth it has faded until he returns to his home planet. He is a Krillian soldier and acts the part of a warrior. When he sees something he wants, he just takes it, especially when it’s his mate.  

Ryder is a twin brother to Saber with shoulder length brown hair and blue skin. His hazel eyes change color with his emotions, and when he is deep in lust they glow a brilliant shade of amber. He is also a warrior on his home planet, but he has a gentle way of making people believe he is their friend. 

Heroine: Lily has always considered herself kind of geeky, and never the kind of girl to garner the attention of two sexy hunks who are out of this world hot. She has straight auburn hair that she always wears in a french twist at the back of her neck, in a librarian style and she wears glasses that cover up her beautiful green eyes, but the warriors can see beyond her clothes and the beauty that lies within and there is no doubt, they want to possess her. 

Presidential candidate: Mitch O'Reilly is running for president, but unluckily enough he is targeted for assassination and world takeover by the criminal mastermind, Girvan Lee. He is older, balding and has a family that will miss him if Girvan's plan succeeds. 

Criminal: Girvan Lee is a criminal mastermind who seeks power and world domination. He has escaped sentencing on Krilia for attempting to take over the planet, but is not ready to give up hope and has set his sights on Earth for world takeover. Saber and Ryder will not leave until they have their alien in chains but Girvan isn't willing to give up so easily either.

Computer name: NOLA is the computer that runs the space shuttle. She controls the environment and has state of the art voice recognition software. She is programmed to have a personality and to keep the travelers company but also makes synthesized food and controls every aspect of the space shuttle and the travel. 

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