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An unauthorized interview

By Missy Lyons
An Unauthorized elevator Interview with
Saber the bounty hunter and the war criminal Girvan lee

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There’s not a reporter in the city who doesn’t want to get a scoop on what’s happening in the presidential elections, but there are things that don’t make sense. Big blue men dressed like Roman Gladiators are crashing dinner parties, showing up to private social events, and just on my way into the building today I saw two people jump from the roof and then disappear into thin air. I would have called 9-1-1 but when no one hit the pavement there didn’t seem to be anything to report. It wasn’t like I believed aliens were invading the city or anything, I just thought things were getting kind of strange.

There’s something freaky going on in this city and I aim to find out what. I wasn’t what I could call a real journalist. I worked for the college newspaper, and I had an advice column I wrote once a week, but it was enough to get a press pass around my neck. I found it helped to act more confident than I felt in big ticket events like this one and sometimes just act like I knew where I was going and what I was doing. Sometimes it was easier to get to the truth when I asked for forgiveness rather than permission.

The celebration was going on strong in the reception area, but with one look around the room I soon realized the man I wanted to interview wasn’t at his own party.

I overheard two of his security guards talking quietly in a corner of the room about Girvan Lee scoring with a couple of women upstairs in the penthouse suite.

What luck! I could corner him for a private interview on his way out and no one would be around for the excusive details but me. I was elated to have the opportunity. I might even be able to sell the story to a much larger paper. My name could be on an article that ran in the Chicago Daily or even The New York Times.

I snuck out of the party to the tower elevator and pressed the up button. I didn’t really think I would get let into the penthouse suite, but I had hopes I could get Girvan Lee to talk to me while he was leaving. Okay, technically what I was doing was probably more like stalking him, but when it comes to writing it down later, I would try to make this interview sound as professional as possible. Writing an article is all about your angle. I turned my camera on in preparation and a bell ding sounded just before the elevator doors slid opened.

Out stepped two men with a faint blueskin tone. I recognized Girvan from the publicity shots I got in my press package but the other one was hot. Tall blue and handsome looked like he belonged in an ad for Medival Times. He was at least seven feet tall and had this amazing long black hair and his eyes—oh god his eyes burned the most brilliant golden color. They held me in a spell that paralyzed me he broke the awkward silence.

“Excuse me, miss.” The sexy warrior said.

“Yes? Oh!” I suddenly realized he wasn’t trying to get my attention, but let me know I was blocking his way. I didn’t move away but I did get enough brain power going to snap a quick picture. “Sorry, I wanted a word with Mr. Girvan Lee.”

This was when I noticed he held Girvan by the scruff of his neck. I squished up nose, not quite sure if I should scream for help. I swallowed hard feeling stunned again.

“Mr. Lee is busy. He won’t be available for any more interviews today,” the tall blue man said curtly.

Girvan rolled his eyes. “Don’t be rude, Saber. Tell our pretty little earthling the whole truth.” Girvan seemed quite irritated toward his big blue friend, but then he turned to me in a hushed whisper, “Saber here is planning to take me back to his space ship and start the party upstairs. He doesn’t believe Earth should be ruled by higher life forms.”

I blinked back my surprise, unsure of how to respond to that. “What? Is this some kind of joke?”

“Girvan, what did you do with the mind control staff?” Saber asked suddenly.

“It’s back in my penthouse, of course.” Girvan’s lips twisted up in a cruel smile. “I couldn’t leave it laying around for just any Earthling to pick up.”

Suddenly tall, dark and handsome sparked a dangerous edge to him. He looked like a warrior ready to spar with anyone who dared oppose him. “Damn it, Girvan! Lady if you would come with me please I am sure we can answer all your questions.”

“The name’s not lady! Oh wait, I’m not sure that is a good idea. I can wait here for you. ” Somehow I knew Saber was ready to use force to make me go with him and I didn’t feel safe. I stumbled backwards but he managed to pull me into the elevator and still kept one hand on Girvan. He pressed a button. The door closed and I felt like a trapped animal with two very dangerous beasts beside me.

Once the elevator began its stomach churning ascent and we were alone, I began firing out the questions burning in my mind. “So you’re aliens? Why are you here?”

Saber sounded impatient but he seemed to be humoring me. “I’m a bounty hunter. I came for the war criminal, Girvan Lee. Now that we found him, I can return him to the prison planet J-14.”

I looked at Girvan Lee, quite horrified. “But you were running for president! How can you be a criminal?”

“Old habits die hard, I guess.” Girvan shrugged. “Earth seemed like it would be a nice easy place to take over and start a new life.”

“You wanted to take over the world?” My mind was racing. If the world knew how close it came to voting a criminal into office, would they be surprised? Would his rule have started another world war? As improbable as it seemed, I wanted to believe tall, blue and handsome. They both had the same story and while I knew the rest of the world would not believe it was true, in my heart I didn’t question it.

“Wouldn’t NASA know if there was a space ship that entered our atmosphere? How could that not be in the news?” I asked the obvious questions. The ones I knew I would get asked in return. No one was going to believe my article unless I had facts to back it up.

The doors on the elevator opened and I was shooed in front of the two men out into the penthouse lobby. They opened the doors and the locks for me. I tried not to be impressed, but I was used to living in a dorm room and it was nothing like this lavish display of wealth.

“NASA can’t see our ship in space and we’ve already retrieved Girvan’s wreckage. The ship has got a cloaking device on it.” Saber looked around the expansive room and then back at Girvan intensely. “Where did you put the mind control ray, Girvan?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know!” Girvan avoided the question and folded his arms.

“How about I throw you out the window and see how fast you talk?” Saber suggested.

“That’s a violation of prisoner rights. You could get a prison sentence of your own for mistreating me and that kind of misconduct.” Girvan smirked as if he had one over on his captor.

“No one will live to tell about that minor detail if you don’t talk. Now.” Saber didn’t look like he was joking with the death threat.

“It’s sitting on the bar.” Girvan admitted and I saw what I thought it might be from across the room. It was a carved wooden staff and it had a glass like object on top of one end.

“Go get it girl, and bring it back to me,” Saber demanded while looking straight at me. I shivered, not intentionally but at just the thought of going near to Saber again. Any woman would react the same way to him, blue skin and all. He was a looker, and I was not resistant to his charms.

I crossed the room and picked up the staff. It felt heavier than it looked and something about it felt…powerful. Old. I was about to hand it to Saber when I thought twice about it. I questioned why I was giving it up at all. “What is this thing?”

Saber wrapped his fingers around it and pulled it out of my grip. “This is something you Earth people are not ready for yet. It’s a weapons designed to keep the races enslaved and ensure a dictator’s reign. This, my dear, is a mind control device that is also capable of reprogramming simple life forms memories.”

It was then I understood what he meant to do. He meant to erase my memories with it as well. It was probably why he answered the questions so freely. “Why are you even answering my questions? Why not lie.” I asked feeling my heart thunder in my chest. Would it hurt when he wiped my mind clean of the memories? Would I become a vegetable afterwards or was it something that he could use selectively on only some memories?

“I could lie, if it would make you feel better, but in a few minutes you won’t remember this conversation anyways, so it doesn’t matter what I say.” Saber shrugged and then his knuckles went white on the large staff. The jewel glowed green and a brilliant light filled the room.

I saw a light flash from the end of his wooden stick and I never really knew the answer. I couldn’t even remember the questions because my memory of the day was gone.

I hope you were able to enjoy that little unauthorized interview with Saber the Krillian bounty hunter and his prisoner of war, Girvan Lee.

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