Sunday, November 04, 2012

Meet the Characters from Paris Bites

Meet the Characters from my latest book, Paris Bites. This is a book I started working on years ago, but when my hard drive was damaged I lost the ending and quite a bit of my work. I had to rewrite it but didn't have the heart so it got set aside. Finally this book has been finished. I promised it would get done and I like to keep my word.

It has also turned out to be one of my favorite books to write. I hope you enjoy the characters as much as I did writing them.

Meet the characters:

Christopher D'Angelo is our hero. He is a natural predator of the night and a vampire. He is the blood brother to the prince of the vampires and working to find his lifemate and the blood diamond which can help him do it. He is tall, dark and handsome but like no prince charming little girls read about in storybooks. He has piercing black eyes and scars that run the length of his six foot two inch body. He is used to getting his way but in his heart he has a deep desire to be loved and wanted and to his mate he would give anything, even if it meant losing her.

Samantha Panini is an orphan who has survived years of living on the streets by pretending to be a boy and working as a thief. She gets in over her head when she stole a wallet from a vampire. It's only because Christopher wants to use her skills that she isn't dead. Under all the dirt and scrubby clothes is a beautiful woman that has grown into adulthood untouched by another man. She has aquamarine eyes and blonde hair and she is unaware how desirable she is as a woman or that she is a half breed vampire and therefore is immune to some of the mind tricks of vampires.

Jonathon keeps a group home for children who find themselves living on the streets and teach them organized  crime. He gives them shelter and food and sometimes drugs while in return they steal for him.

Domitrius is a good friend and confident of Christopher. He is older and not interested in finding a woman to mate with. He is willing to help Christopher with his ludicrous plan but doesn't want or need the blood diamond for his self and he doesn't care about going rogue.

Inspector Perot was not a formidable man. He was more of an oversized teddy bear, being almost as wide as he was tall, and he was on the short side. He is in his late fifties, but still too young to retire despite his white whiskers and thick white mustache  Officer Perot took Samantha's police report and was also assigned to work the museum the night of the fundraiser party showcasing the new exhibit at the Louvre. He is not very understanding of Samantha's precarious predicament and doesn't believe her tale of murder and mayhem in the crypts but who would believe without any proof?  


And if you are interested in reading more about these unique characters please feel free to visit the book page at Siren Publishing:

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