Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Hunt is Free October 28-29

Halloween Hunt is a free short story that is available on Amazon October 28-29.

You are going to want to pick up your copy now because this will be the last time you can get it free here.

Bradley Cook’s a rabbit shifter in a wolf shifter world. Bradley is forced to attend his pack leader’s Halloween Hunt as the youngest alpha son is introduced to the pack. Cooper is sexually mature and ready for his first Hunt. No one expects him to pick his mate but a little hot blooded sex is good for a young male wolf and strongly encouraged.

Cooper surprises everyone when he is completely fascinated by the timid rabbit shifter and chooses him as his playmate for the duration of the festivities.

**PLEASE NOTE: This 8000 word short story features adult situations between two very hot men that not every reader may be comfortable with. This book is meant for readers over 18.

***This book also has bonus material and an excerpt from the next book in the Halloween Treats series, Halloween Hunk by Mercedes Black

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