Thursday, September 20, 2012

Get Halloween Hunk FREE today on Amazon

Just helping to spread the word for Mercedes Black. Halloween Hunk is free today on Amazon.

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Just a little more about this gay romance novella:

Don Rutherford is starting completely over. 

New job. New town. New life. 

Marcos has an undeniable attraction for the hunk who just moved in. He’s just getting over a bad break up and a jealous boyfriend, but it’s time to move on and Don has a set of green eyes he could lose himself in. His strawberry blond hair falls to his shoulders and is reminiscent of Conan the Barbarian and he has a body to match the warrior’s. He wants a piece of it and is looking forward to getting to know his neighborly Halloween Hunk. 

The men hit it off well, until Marcos’s ex makes a move on him at the party of the year and Don sees them lock lips in a heartbreaking kiss. His heart is instantly shattered, and Marcos has mountains to climb to earn his trust or a chance to have his heart again. 

Please note: This 16,000+ word short story is followed by an exclusive preview to Haunted Hearts, an ebook by Maverick Hawkeye


Get your copy today, because tomorrow it will be full price. 

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