Saturday, September 08, 2012

Can the rabbit outrun his wolf mate?

I have just completed a new story Halloween Hunt. This is a test with one of my publishers and will be offered exclusively for a short time through Amazon. I am excited to be part of it and tested the boundaries of a shifter world by making my characters decide between their natural instinct to kill or mate. It's prey vs. their predators and finding the victor wasn't as simple as I thought it would be.

Just for fun I would like to share this little world I created. Here are some of my characters:

Halloween Hunt Character sheet

Bradley Cook has brown eyes and brown short hair. He was born a Belgian Hare rabbit shifter because he took after his mother’s side. As a human he is lanky and all legs and as a rabbit he is fast. He resembles a wild hare with long ears and short brown fur and a soft white underbelly.

Sam Cook married into this family but the love he feels for his wife doesn’t extend to his stepson. He is ashamed of the fact such a weak man his family. He is a wolf shifter and in the pack respect goes hand in hand of how high up you are on the food chain. He resented having food as a stepson but he hated the fact he was gay even more.

Morgan Cook is Bradley Cook’s mom and she wished her husband and her son could just get along. She didn’t want to have to give up either one of them. She was old fashioned and raised to know finding your mate meant you loved them unconditionally but she hated feeling like she had to give up her son to do that.

Cooper Windsworth is the oldest son and a white wolf shifter of the alpha leader. He stands out above the rest of the wolf pack. Even in his human form he has striking blue eyes, and blond hair. That trait is very rare in the wolf shapeshifter genes and he stands a foot taller than the rest of the pack. Cooper has always stood out from the rest of the shifters and because of that never truly felt like he fit in. 

The alpha of the pack is also the father to four boys, Grady Windsworth. He raised his sons to take over for him when he aged and every year he organizes a hunt for his pack. It’s an honor to be invited, but this year is especially important since he is introducing his oldest son to the world. Cooper is sexually mature and ready for his first hunt. During the weeklong hunt, Cooper is expected to choose a partner to show his dominance to the rest of the pack with.

Brothers to Cooper: Thomas, Gabe, Lennox


Remember this book will be available exclusively through Amazon for a limited time beginning in early September 2012. 

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