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Press Release for Shark's Mate

Missy Lyons is proud to announce the release of Shark's Mate published by Siren Publishing.

Shark's Mate, the gay romance novel launching the Sexier When Wet Series will hit e-shelves July 19, 2012. The Sexier When Wet series features erotic gay romances and shifters with the ability to turn into sharks and other predatory aquatic wildlife. 


April 12, 2012 - Missy Lyons is author of over 30 published romance stories and counting. She lives in a small southern town with her husband, two children, and two dogs. She was first published with Phaze books in 2006 and is currently working with a few small epublishers, such as Siren Bookstrand Publishing, Sugar and Spice Press, and Whispers Publishing. You can find more of her work on her website at

She will be present at the Authors after Dark conference 2012 in New Orleans.

Shark's Mate will be available July 19, 2012 exclusively on the Siren Bookstrand website for 3 weeks and then released to other ebook retailers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo Books.

Book Cover Preview

If the Great White Shark King, Seoul has to get married, and there is one hell of a wedding party being thrown on his private island and unfortunately every one of his enemies are planning to be present to witness it.
Shanghai lives a carefree life in the tropics. It’s the perfect life to hide his true identity as a shape shifting shark, surfing the emerald green waves of the ocean, hunting the land and the sea. Shanghai shows up with the rest of his pack of shape shifting sharks at the wedding party. He never expects to meet his mate at a party full of werewolves and vampires but he is even more surprised when his mate turns out to be a human. Shanghai isn’t sure whether he should eat him or fuck him until he can forget about him, but mating him? It just wasn’t something he ever considered doing with a human.
Cain came to the exclusive island six months ago as an employee. He is a psychic and a healer but playing the part of a handyman. He is there to help Seoul know if he can trust the people around him. The job has lots of perks, he’s got free room and board and he can surf all he wants in his down time, but there is also the crazy overwhelming attracted to Shanghai who doesn’t even acknowledge he exists. Until the day Shanghai steps in and stops a vampire from having him as lunch, then decides he wants him for himself. Suddenly he is swept up in a world full of dark pleasures and sinful delights and too obsessed with Shanghai as a lover to know what it really means to be claimed as a shape shifting shark’s mate.
Forever isn’t that long is it?  

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