Saturday, June 09, 2012

Cast of Characters for Strictly Business

I am sure you are all aware that my book, Strictly Business has just released on June 6th. Big Wahoot moment for me, lol. 
I had a little cheat sheet which I used to help me remember names and get the details just right. I thought I would share this with you and introduce the characters in the Stud Service series. 
While there are parts of the series that take place in the girl’s hometown of Destiny, Texas, each story in this series takes place in a different part of the country. (Destiny is a purely fictitious name existing only in the author’s imagination smack dab in the middle of Yellow Rose Valley, filled with sexy cowboys that embody every woman’s fantasy man.)

Cast of Characters:

Maria Gibson is mother to four beautiful but career driven daughters. Even after countless hours of nagging, she doesn’t understand why they just can’t seem to wake up and settle down to make a family. Each one seems determined to remain single despite the long line of suitors they are intent on ignoring.
Maria has a strong Latino background and wishes they understood how important family really is. She lives in the family home in Destiny, a Mediterranean mansion on acreage that still runs cattle even though they make their real money from the oil wells dappling their estate.
William Gibson is father to the four daughters featured in the Stud Service series. He loves his children dearly but has forced them to make some kind of a decision in their love life by reversing their trust funds.
Savannah Gibson is the oldest sister and just finishing her last year in training to be a doctor. Her parent’s ultimatum couldn’t have come at a worse possible time. Now she has to finish out her last year at Nashville and look for a father to her child, but the only guy she is attracted to is a cowboy. It can’t possibly work. Everyone knows she hates cowboys. (Book 1—Strictly Professional)
Sabrina Gibson is the second oldest of the four girls and is considered the math geek of the family. Accounting and business smarts are in her genes but that doesn’t mean she wants to pick the father of her child in a smooth logical decision. She wants to fall in love and doesn’t like feeling backed into a corner, to produce grandchildren on the spot for her parents. (Book 2—Strictly Accountable)
Susannah Gibson is the middle child and has striking green eyes and dark brown hair. She’s tall for a woman at five foot eight, but it’s not her height that’s been holding her back all these years. She is more of a bookworm than a socialite, and has many fears mostly from her recurring nightmares from when she was kidnapped as a small child. Now, she’s focused on her career as a marine biologist and there’s nothing that will stop her from her planned research trip to the Caribbean, even if it does mean all her toys are taken away. (Book 3—Strictly Business)
Serena Gibson is the youngest of the four sisters and she owns a physical therapy clinic. She has been enjoying living the easy life. She can’t afford to have this ultimatum happen because most of the work she and her staff perform is for under privileged kids and is considered charity work. Which is nice but of course, but it doesn’t pay the bills, and without a bankroll she won’t be able to continue her mission. (Book 4—Strictly Physical)
Ethan Russell is William’s assistant and lawyer who helped him draw up the paperwork to reverse his children’s trust funds. As a trusted friend, he is also sent out to check up on the kids from time to time to ensure they are safe and sound when they insist on travelling to other countries without any resources or money. He plays a small part in Book 3—Strictly Business.
Colt Vance is a wealthy entrepreneur and business man who met Susannah in the Caribbean while working on building a restaurant for his hotel on the beach. A clandestine affair is just the distraction he needs and he willingly accepts her offer to fill his nights with their mutual pleasure, until he discovers the secret she has been keeping from him. (Book 3—Strictly Business)

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