Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Adult Teaser for Strictly Business

So here's just a quick sneak peak into my latest book, Strictly Business. It's definitely R Rated and not for the weak of heart. Strictly Business will be available June 6th from Siren Publishing.

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Strictly Business

Susannah Gibson’s future is secure as an heiress to a Texas oil baron. A hefty trust fund has allowed her to live out her dreams and pursue every desire of her heart, but one. All that money got in the way of finding love. She and her three sisters had a collection of fortune hunters that could stretch the length of Texas, but she vowed not to settle for anything less than love.
Time ran out for her and her sisters when her parents demanded grandchildren and the Gibson sisters were given an ultimatum:  Get pregnant or lose their trust fund, forcing Susannah to make an unwelcome choice at the worst possible time.
Susannah propositions Colt Vance, a travelling business man on a trip to the Caribbean. He jumps at the offer of red hot sex, with no strings attached, but how long can she keep things strictly business? Every day she spends in his bed she has her heart on the line. The supernova hot sex is addicting but will he stick around when he finds out what she really wants?

Adult Excerpt:

   His mouth fell on hers, hot and heavy. His body pressed against hers, his heat, his scent, his everything was hers. 
She had never done anything so dangerous, and combined with a stranger she might never see again. It was intoxicating.  His tongue pushed through her lips into her mouth, seeking and destroying all resistance. Drugging her body, slowing her movements, she relaxed against him.
He smelled so good, and the effects of his hands on her body lit her on fire. The flames of desire threatened to burn her from the inside out.
   His hands worked the thin, white, cotton blouse over her head, freeing her breasts for his pleasure. He dipped down low and sucked the tip of her nipple into his mouth. She arched, pushing her breast in his face, holding him there. With his free hand, he kneaded her other breast, flipping his thumb casually across the sensitive nipple.
   She noted with satisfaction that his breathing was heavy and he was not unaffected by the encounter, but every action was still controlled, and he enjoyed being in a position of power. A man like Colt wouldn’t be happy with anything less.
   He pushed her skirt up high and ran his fingers over her hips and through the small amount of hairshe had covering her pussy
   “Susannah, you naughty girl.” He chuckled, finding her panties had been removed and how wet she was for him.
   “It’s fun being a bad girl.” She licked his neck, nipping at his earlobe as he dipped lower, tracing circles with his tongue, around her bellybutton and straight to her most sensitive nub.
    He went to town down there, sending her into a spasming pool of jelly. If it weren’t for him holding her up she would have fell to the ground of the lavatory.
   “Oh, my God, Colt. This is too good. Don’t stop.” She pulled him close, using his shoulders to hang on. She couldn’t stop touching him. Her fingers combed through his hair, grabbing him closer, and pushing him away until her lust escalated into a powerful wave of emotion and power. She rode his tongue and screamed into her fist, trying to stop the cry short of anyone outside the lavatory hearing.
   Panting, she leaned against his body. “I wanted to be fucked, but not by your tongue.”
   He stood up and grinned at her. “I was just getting you warmed up, baby.”
   It was good, but she wanted more.
   “Fuck me or it won’t count for the mile-high club.” Happy to assist, he pulled out a condom.
   “You won’t need that.” So much for her plan to get pregnant with a random stranger. “You’re clean, I’m clean, and there’s no worry about pregnancy with me.”
   “Just the same, I always like to be on the safe side. You don’t want me to be your baby’s daddy, do you?” He quirked an eyebrow high.
   She wanted to tell him the truth, but she was afraid he would stop if she did. He unbuttoned his pants and slid his boxers and pants down to his knees. His dick seemed to jut angrily from his pants, red and swollen. His member was thick and long. A wet liquid dripped between her legs, lubricating her entrance. She watched him as the condom was opened and rolled over his pink tip and down the length of him, wondering how many other women he had practiced on before her. It didn’t seem as unplanned when he had been prepared with a condom.
   “Just do it.” She sat back on the sink and raised her legs high, knocking her knees against the wall in the small cabin. He found her wet hole and pushed the tip inside and then more of him until he was ball deep in her pussy. She clung to his body as he pressed into her pussy over and over again. He was silk over steel and demanding her surrender.
   She bent to his will, answering each thrust with one of her own. There was no time for sweet nothings or words of love or commitment. She had never had anything so primal. He fucked her, hard, and demanded her total and absolute surrender. Between their bodies, his fingers stroked her clit as he slid in and out of her body with his dick, over and over again. She arched back, pressing against his hands, aiding his entry into her, allowing him deeper access to her bounty.
   She came. Not like any old orgasm. She exploded. This was nothing like anything she had experienced before. The college boys she had practiced with were inexperienced and clumsy, but this man knew how to elicit a jaw-dropping orgasm from her. A rippling wave of physical sensation rocked her. She bit her lip, drawing blood to prevent from screaming out in her ecstasy.

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