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Meet the author of Queen Bitch of Callowwood Pack, Siobhan Muir

Hello everyone! I have a neat surprise for you today. Siobhan Muir has agreed to guest blog here today. So please give her a warm welcome! Thank you!


Thank you for having me today, Missy.

Happy Memorial Day! Last year, my grandfather was still around for Memorial Day. He fought in WWII still managed to live until 2011, which I think is pretty cool. I got a chance to learn about his life before I was born and it was a second chance to reconnect with the elders of my family.

In my new Siren Publishing release Queen Bitch of the Callowwood Pack, the heroine Julianna Morris comes back to her home town to help her mother take care of her dying father. She doesn’t get much time with him, but over the course of the story she learns she actually didn’t know half of what was going on in town growing up.


Here’s the Blurb:

Julianna Morris didn’t know werewolves existed…until she became one.

Hiding her new identity, Julianna returns home only to find her teenage crush, Jeff Lightfoot, is the future Alpha of the Callowwood werewolf pack. She’s unexpectedly chosen as a candidate for the pack’s next Luna, the Alpha female—and Jeff’s mate. This is perfect, except Julianna knows nothing about being a werewolf, and someone’s determined to make her fail the Seven Tests of the Luna.

Jeff Lightfoot lusted after Julianna for years, even when he thought she was human. Now she’s home and all his—if she passes the tests. She’s his True Mate and he wants no one else, but pack politics trump Mother Nature and will prevent him from choosing Julianna if she fails.

For the future she wants, Julianna must pass the tests to become Queen Bitch of Callowwood—or watch Jeff take another woman as his mate.

Julianna grew up human with her adoptive parents, so her first shift into her lupine half took her completely by surprise. Plus she thought she was the only shape-shifter (at least the only one she knew about), so going home to her “human” town terrified the daylights out of her.

Part of the history of the town pertains to her more than she thought it did, so in addition to learning a whole new world of understanding, she learns about her own history and how she fits into the Callowwood Pack. She starts to understand her origins, how she is connected to the werewolf community, and why she might be chosen as the Luna.

History is important to me, not just because of my grandfather, but also because it helps me understand where I came from, what gifts I’ve received from the elders in my family, and how lucky I was to have them in my life.

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Happy Memorial Day to you and your family. Thank you so much for stopping by and happy reading! :)


Now for your reading pleasure here is an excerpt from Queen Bitch of Callowwood Pack:

Julianna strode confidently through the house toward the front doors, her fury banked but still smoldering as she tightly gripped her purse, in which she’d dropped the token. She’d sought out Jeff, but he’d disappeared while Richard gave her the pendant, and he was nowhere to be found under the tents.
It figures he’d make me look for him so I can seek his approval for departure!
As she passed a darkened hallway to her right, a male arm reached out of the darkness and jerked her against a hard body. Rage blazed hot as she crashed into the wall of flesh with an unladylike grunt of surprise, but it dropped into icy fury as she slammed her elbow into her assailant’s gut.
Her Sister’s nature surged into the forefront of her awareness and she turned on her attacker with pent up ferocity.
He yelped as she stomped down on his instep, twisting in his arms. Then she shoved his shoulders back against the wall and slammed her knee into his groin. He collapsed, panting and groaning, when the irresistible scent of the desert rain penetrated her adrenaline rush.
Understanding dawned.
She’d just kneed Jeff Lightfoot in the balls! It would’ve been funny if she wasn’t so angry. His original grip had been sexually domineering, complete with raging hard-on.
“Jeff?” She grasped his shoulders. “What are you doing?”
“What the hell was that for?” he groaned, cupping his crotch protectively.
“Haven’t you learned never to grab a woman out of the darkness?” Julianna shook her head as some of her anger drained away. “I lived in the big city for a long time. More than one man tried to take me down. Are you okay?”
“No.” He sounded strangled, and she had to hide a smile. “Can’t breathe.”
“Damn, woman!”
“Damn, yourself! Why did you try to grab me?”
“I didn’t want you to leave yet,” he whispered as he slowly straightened up. His face looked a little gray, but it might have been the dim light. “I wanted to say a more private good-bye, but I think I’m only going to say good-bye to my balls. Shit!”
“I am sorry, even if I was defending myself.” She bit her bottom lip. “Do you want to sit down?”
He nodded, and she slid one arm around his waist, lowering him to the floor.
“Goddess above, you smell wonderful. How did you hide it for so long?” He dropped his head and nuzzled her neck and jawline as she sat beside him. Arousal pushed through her chagrin, tightening her nipples.
“I didn’t.” She snorted. “I threw myself at you for years, and you ignored me the whole time, remember?”
“More idiot, me.” He chuckled ruefully. “If I’d known you were a Moon Singer, I would’ve taken you years ago.”
Suddenly, rage obliterated all the lustful feelings in her, and she snarled, scooting away from him.
“Taken me?” she growled, pushing to her feet. “You would’ve ‘taken’ me? You asshole, am I nothing more than a piece of tail to you? If that’s the case, go grab one of those other bitches. I’ve already experienced being treated like a piece of meat. I’m sure Brenda would submit to you willingly enough, with her tits against the floor and her ass in the air!”
Jeff stilled, and his hands warily covered his groin again as he looked up at her.
“What’s wrong, Julianna?”
“What’s wrong? What’s wrong?” She barely held herself back from kicking him in the ass with her sandaled foot. “What’s wrong is that I’ve joined a pack that doesn’t see this”—she stabbed a finger at him sitting on the floor—“as something to be upset about! I want you, Jeff, but I’m not just a piece of ass that any alpha male can use when he’s feeling horny. I won’t be ‘taken’ unless I give permission. Do you hear me, Mr. Successor of the pack?”
Julianna whirled and stomped out of the house, leaving Jeff completely nonplussed on the floor behind her ringing heels.


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