Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Business and life

Hey gang,

I am sorry it's been all business and no real fun on my blog lately. There just seems to be a lot of business lately and I am still learning some tricks and stuff to do with the internet. Cutting and clipping for instance does not work very well on the blog. I just noticed how crappy the last two blogs turned out because I cut the excerpts and blogs off the website and it also copied the code for the background color and the font color. Oh well.

There's a fast way to drive me crazy and that is try and stick around and fix it. The techie part of me wants to scream because the writer part of me wants to move on to other business. In truth, I still have a lot to learn about all this.

Summer vacation is closing in fast and I have some neat surprises lined up for you, but in the meanwhile I have to write fast and furious before the kids get out of school. I am participating in another blog hop in July. By the way, congratulations to the last winner, Belinda of Washington! I just got the package together and will be shipping it this week. So you have a little something to look forward to. :)

This month my plans are to work on Aliens Overnight until June then the kids get to take over my life. lol

But I have several releases coming one after the other to keep you all happy when my writing slows down this summer.

Strictly Business will be releasing June 1
Shark's Mate will be releasing July 6
Edge of Darkness will be releasing in August

I am not sure how much I can get done with the kids home, but I hope to get a few very short holiday stories done and out for Christmas and Halloween. I might self publish them, but we'll see when I get that far. Once the kids are back in school, I hope to get back to a normal routine and write the longer stories again, but specifically finish off my Shark Series. There are four books that I have already plotted and ready to write and I am just waiting for the time to get it all done.

I have three books that really have to be lengthened or edited for submitting, but that's another story for later  and since I can only do one thing at a time, I am focusing on what I can finish. :) Later all.

Wishing you love, laughter, and happiness,
Missy Lyons

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