Thursday, April 05, 2012

Writing fast isn't easy for everyone

I'd love to say writing is easy. The words just flow on the page, but the truth is it's work. I appreciate the help and support I have received from mentors and my readers. The last 7 years have been a learning process to say the least.

I write. I re-write and I write some more and there is a point I just have to call a story done and hope my baby will fly when it gets to the publisher. Skipping nay part of the process means more work for me later and a higher chance of rejection but the other thing I have been noticing a lot of writers are doing is just trying to churn out the titles. I am not sure I am fully happy with this. More books don't necessarily mean more money but there is hope.

I think part of my plan this year is to slow myself down and do justice to the stories I want to write. There is a series right now I am building but to do it right, I think it means I should be taking my time and developing my characters and the world they live in. Maybe someone else could get this series out in a month, but the 4 books may take me the rest of the year. We'll see. Either way, I am just excited to work on them. The characters are unlike anything I have ever worked with before.

When you have that kind of energy behind the story it can go quicker, but I tend to be a slow writer in general so I am not expecting it go fast or easy, but I can't wait until I can share more.

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