Sunday, April 01, 2012

Are you ready to read a hot teaser from Sex on the Beach?

Earlier tonight I was thinking I want to do something nice for my readers. You all rock! Do you know that? I wanted to do something a little different so I'm sharing an excerpt that's never been shared before. This isn't one you will find on the websites or anywhere online. So enjoy! And I'll post the blurb first so you can tell a little more about the book.


Sex on the Beach is now available from Whispers Publishing (


Sally lives a dream life on the Garden Isle of Kauai, but living in a huge empty house has made her achingly lonely. She can't even remember the last time a man was in her bed. So when a sinfully sexy cowboy wanders onto a deserted strip of beach she was ready for some casual sexy fun.

Harry had been widowed for two years, but despite his guarded heart he fell hard for the smoking hot beautiful creature on the beach. As Harry and Sally explore the island together, it's near impossible to keep her insatiable appetite for sexy adventures filled. The more time they spend together, the more his heart wants her as much as his cock.

Yet when her employers return unexpectedly, her job is at risk. Everything goes wrong in Harry's desperate attempt to keep her safe and protected, but he is determined that nothing can keep them apart. Even if his life is on the line.


Read an excerpt here:

“How long‟s it been?”

“Two years now.”

“That‟s a long time to be celibate.” She said very seriously.

“You know it babe, and that‟s probably why I feel like my cock is going to explode whenever I‟m around you. I am as horny as hell.”

“Can I tell you a secret, Harry?"

“Sure. I just told you mine.”

Sally moved to straddle his lap. He could feel blood pump to his cock as it swelled in size and length. She pressed the apex of her thighs against his hip and it took all his strength to not throw her down in the sand and fuck her like a cave man. Her hands wrapped round his waist tracing little circles over his stomach to finally rest on his engorged sex.

Her words were breathless and raw with need. “I‟m horny too.”

Please check out the website to read the first chapter or buy the book here:

Thank you for reading!


Lots of love, Missy Lyons

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