Thursday, September 29, 2011

Trudging through it

This may not be the most exciting blog but I am working again today and once again I don't feel like writing. Sometimes you just got trudge through it regardless of how you feel and that's me right now. I know other writers use tricks to keep up the momentum. Sometimes it is easier to write when you don't feel like it by bribing yourself if you make your goal with little rewards.

I know writers who use anything from ice cream to buying a new song for their ipod if they make their daily word count goal.

Today my goal is around 3000 words on what I call my never ending story (because it is just not ending for me). My mini reward is dessert, my favorite ice cream Moose Tracks. It has lots of chocolate, a few mini peanut butter cups and just tastes really good.

If I ever finish this novel, I may reward myself with these ultra cool steampunk goggles for a costume I am working on.,2161&GEN1=Steampunk&T1=P28270&dispRow=0&srccode=

Whatever works right? Besides Halloween is just right around the corner. Hopefully it will be just the boost I need to get this mansucript done. lol

Lots of Love,

Missy Lyons

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