Thursday, July 28, 2011

Writing an erotic love scene

Sometimes writing a love scene is easy but it can be hard to keep it original and fun to read. Think about it. How many times have you read something that came out stale and technically challenged. Put slot A into slot B and shabang. You didn't know you were writing a sex ed class when you started did you?

In order to make it sound a little more emotionally charged you have to add words that make an emotional attachment to the physical event and this also helps the reader want to continue reading

I have a notebook at home filled with words like:

greed, hunger, longing, ravenous, relish, thirst, urge, voracious, yearning.

This may not sound like they are even related to sex, more like eating, but it works and it works well. This adds a need to the sex drive and puts it on a deeper level.

I started the collection because I didn't want to sound boring but it all began with a thesaurus and synonym dictionary. How many times can you use excited in a sentence and keep it sounding original? Sometimes I use repetition to drill something into the readers head, but in most instances repetition is boring so a synonym dictionary is one of my most valuable assets in my weapon arsenal as a writer. I need it and use it daily.

If you have to access to the internet you can use an online dictionary/thesaurus/synonym dictionary for free. Just keep it open in a browser while you write.

Hope this helps you to write action packed and detailed love scenes that people love to read.

Keep on loving!
Missy Lyons

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