Friday, February 26, 2010

An author's Inspiration

Sometimes I have trouble keeping focused. Yeah, me. There is the kids to worry about, my graphic design business, lots of icky housework and wifely duties I won't even mention and then writing seems to take a backseat to everything.

I feel lacking.

Maybe it's because I compare myself to authors with high levels of production, but I got deadlines coming up everywhere and just am not dedicating the time I need to get it done to write those pages. I figure with all the deadlines, I need to be writing 8-12 pages everyday.

This time I was thinking of trying something new and working backwards. I made the cover before I wrote the story. What do you think? Too plain? Should I add the spaceship in the sky and or the large cat she shapeshifts into or would that make it too busy?

I am using this as a source of inspiration for the story. Not sure if it will be used as a cover yet, but here is what I worked on last night.

Oh and my list of writing stuff? Here it is. Hopefully I can give you some good news soon!

Strictly Business 3/31(Siren)
Timeswept 4/15 (Whispers)
Cougar 5/1 (Editor pitch in June)
Girls and Guns 6/1(Editor pitch in June)
Guns and Roses 8/1 (Editor pitch in August)

Hope you all are happy and warm!

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