Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Almost Kiss

I had the awesome opportunity to take part in the almost kiss contest in Frankie Writes. Go here to see all the deets:

This is from my current work in progress, Elvis Makes Three and it's a forced kiss between the two men.


“One of you ruined my life and I want to know which one did it.”
“Did what?”
“What’s going on?”
“Oh, don’t give me a load of crap. You know what I mean. People are coming up to me in public places—my students think—oh God—do you have any idea what it’s like to have strange men look at you like you’re a porn star?”
“Lynne, calm down.”
“No, I'm not done yet. One of you two lost me my job.”
“How did that happen?”
“Our That stupid video got out on the web and everyone I know and don’t know has seen it. The parents of my students asked for my resignation.”
“Lynne, I never would have hurt you on purpose.”
“I would never have taped it if I knew whatthat would happen.”
“I think I know how this happened though. About a week ago my computer got a virus. I think someone got in behind the firewall and stole my personal information.”
“You didn’t do this on purpose?” She shook her head in disgust. Her head said to make them suffer, but her heart told her that he was telling the truth. “God, you have no idea what you put me through. No idea what I had to suffer.”
“I didn’t even know it happened.” He looked remorseful but was he really? What would he do in order to make it up to her. She should put him through hell right now. God knows he deserved it.
“Do you want me to kick his ass for you?” Kurt cracked his knuckles moving toward his target. “I am going to enjoy this.”
“No wait. Don’t hurt him. I don’t want you to kick his ass.” Suddenly she was struck with a wicked notion. What if she asked something they would never consider. Would they do it to keep her? Would they do it to make her happy? “I want you to kiss it.”
“Lynne, I don’t understand.”
“You can’t be serious!”
“I am deadly serious. Kiss and make up. Or both of you can leave right now.”
“I am tired of your pettiness and your arguing. Now it’s time you do something for me and my pleasure for once and I want to see you kiss.”
“But Lynne, I’m not into that. You know I’m not gay.”
“It’s either kiss or go home. Make up your mind.”
“Well, count me out. I’m going home.”Kurt was pissed now. There would be no reasoning with him now, unless it came down to the worst possible outcome. He stomped towards the door.
“If you walk out of that door, then I never want to see you again.” She could feel her heart flutter in response to the ultimatum. It was a bold move, but the boys had to get along or this thing between them would never work. “Ever.”
Kurt paused with his hand on the doorknob.


Ash. Elizabeth said...

i like it : )

V. S said...

Thanks for sharing. Great scene.

Karen Amanda Hooper said...

Oooh. What happened? I wan tto turn the page and read more but theres no page to turn. ;(
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Frankie Diane Mallis said...

Cool this was a fun one, I'm curious now about the whole story and what happened and what's going to happen. Thanks so much for participating in the No Kiss Blogfest!! You totally helped make this day rock! :-)

Hayley said...

Like it, and though I can guess, I think, I do want to know more...

Yvonne said...

Well...kudos for originality.

Good job.

Chloe Waits said...

I wanted to read more!
shucks (stamping foot)