Sunday, November 01, 2009

If it weren't for bad luck

I would probably have no luck at all. My children seemed to inherit my luck.

Some people don't believe in luck. Some people say they make their own luck. I believe in magic and little things like fate or destiny. So yeah, call me superstitious, but I give heed to little things that might not bother someone else.

Yesterday could have been better, but then again isn't it the 31st? and when I think about it, isn't 31 the reverse of 13? A very unlucky number according to many superstitious people.

Let me start of with the beginning of my day. First the dogs got let out by my older child. Now, let me remind you that it has been raining on and off for the last two weeks. Our backyard is a mudpit. Which the dogs have been playing in true calabunga style. Mudwhomping and rolling and running to produce ten foot high splash zones.

I went downstairs to look at them through the glass doors and made an instantaneous decision that they would not be coming inside today. Covered in mud from head to toe, they looked like little aliens with dreadlocks matted with mud as thick around as a 45 calibur bullet. Ugh. They would have to stay outside until I had the opportunity to deal with them.

I had to prioritize and right then it was more important to take my daughter trick or treating and spend time with family. So off to gandma's house we went. After dressing both girls up in their costumes, we prepared to leave, but my oldest daughter was complaining of a headache.

She never complains. So I had the suspicion she might be getting sick, but she didn't have a fever and didn't look awful. We could deal with a headache. I gave her some aspirin. When that didn't work, I bought some caffeinated soda just in case she was going through a caffeine withdrawal. It didn't work, so I made her take a nap, hoping to sleep it off.

I had a hard time leaving her alone, but knew sleep was probably the best thing for her. None of my little remedies worked. Worse, when she woke up she had a fever. Her headache was worse than ever. She was sensitive to light and sounds, coughing, nauseous, and just plain miserable.

So because a few hours had passed, I dosed her with Ibuprofin this time and we headed off to the ER. No trick or treating for this little girl. By the time we got home, it was all over. That also meant for the baby's first Halloween she had to sit this one out.

I feel badly that she had to sit out on one of the few nights a year dedicated to children and it seems when she gets sick, its more likely to happen on the weekend, or during a holiday, or a spring break. Last year for Christmas morning she was throwing up. We didn't get to play with her toys for several days, she just had to rest and get better.

Well, you'd think that was bad enough, but when we got home our night of fun was not over. As soon as I opened my car door, I was greeted by a cold wet dog nose.

Apparently, our dogs were busy assaulting trick or treaters in our neighborhood while we were gone. The lock wasn't on the gate, so they opened it. You would think the kids were bad enough, but there was also a really rancid skunk odor, that was lasting proof the dogs were too stupid to live. Somehow, they managed to get sprayed by a skunk! I will have to send an apology letter to each and every one of my neighbors now.

Agh! Stinky stupid dogs. I rounded them back up in the backyard and put off the bath till tomorrow. I still had kids to put to bed and no patience to deal with stinky stupid dogs.

The next day I dealt with them and it was no easy task. The dogs are a lot smarter than I give them credit for. I had it all organized, hoping to limit the mess, but none of my plans worked. I was outwitted from the start. It's two against one, you understand. They escaped from the dog kennel. Twice. Each time, they had to run upstairs and then shake off their wet doggy fur all over my house. Evemtually I gave up and stuck them in the bathroom. About ten minutes later they decided they had enough, opened the door and came in to greet us. Finally my hubby intervened and used zip ties to keep the kennel doors shut.

Whew. What a morning.

Do any of you know a way to change a person's luck? I am willing to try anything short of voo-doo magic and bathing myself in chicken blood.

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