Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Two new releases and a brand new contest!!!

I had two new releases this month at Phaze and am soo excited, I can't stand it. I have to share. French Kiss has finally gone to print and a brand new release like nothing I ever wrote before. It's fun, sexy and not exactly a traditional romance but still hot.

Straight Up

The ladies of Vegas share their dirty little secrets in this short but hot
collection. This "oral" history explores the intimacies of sex behind closed
doors...and on stage.

Now available at Phaze Books:


Metropolitan Passions Volume II

Want to escape the dogdays of summer, but can't afford a real vacation? Why not escape with your fantasies to London, Paris, and Chicago? This collection includes Missy's French Kiss. An erotic thriller that's not just about rmance, but folows a young woman's journey as she rediscovers herself and her inner strengths after betrayal and heart brake.

*CONTEST--Check out the excerpt and answer the following questions. You could
win a copy of my book and a sweet bathtime treat. Bath fizzies and energizing
honey and oatmeal soap. Just email me the answers at lyons_missy@....

**FREEBIES--Already bought the book? Email me a copy of the purchase receipt to
lyons_missy@... and you will get a pdf copy of Skinnydipping and a two
ounce bar of soap scented with Berry Wine.

***Contest Questions:

1. What is Sarah's stage name?
2. What is the new girl's name?
3. What item of clothing do the erotic dancers usually splurge on?

Hurry and enter now! This contest ends August 31, 2009.

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